7 Easy Steps to Find the Best Platform for Online PTE Preparation

The success of the PTE Academic Exam does not just depend on how well you prepare, but also what tips and tricks you use to achieve the desired score.

Experts believe that even after practicing for a long time, there is no guarantee of aspirants passing this test. The reason is that there have been many cases where people worked hard yet failed.

There is nothing to feel anxious about it. It’s not the amount of practice but the quality of it.

Studying everything doesn’t help, studying every required thing does!!

This is where the platform plays an important role. Let’s accept that not all PTE preparation platforms out there are result-oriented, not all practice materials are authentic, not all online classes are interactive or interesting for that matter.

This is why it is important to figure out how can you find the best platform to prepare for your PTE Exam to achieve the score you desire.

How to Find the Best Platform for Online PTE Preparation

Here is the Checklist of the Best Platform for Online PTE Preparation

1. Know what you doing

To get the most out of your PTE preparation, you need to know about this exam in detail. The two-hour computer-based test assesses candidates’ English Language Skills and is important for qualifying aspirants to study or settle abroad.

It has four modules: Speaking, Reading, Writing & Listening which contains overall 20 different types of questions including essay composition, understanding spoken words, describing images, reordering paragraphs, etc.

With each task, it will thoroughly examine every aspect of your communication skills in the English language.

2. Where are you now?

Achieving a high score in the PTE exam isn’t just about knowing all, you need to know about test-taking strategies. It’s also important that you are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. You must analyze where you stand now in terms of skills needed to pass the PTE Exam.

For example, if English has always been one of your best subjects, then use this knowledge when choosing which section, or skills that should be polished more to get into top shape for the testing day!

3. PTE Preparation Material

When you start looking for PTE practice material it is going to be challenging as you will find a ton of practice materials and wouldn’t be sure which one to study. To avoid this & save you some time it is always advised to go for online PTE coaching. The professional tutor will help you with authentic material & guide you throughout.

4. What Online Coaching offers?

If you choose to go for online coaching, ask these questions before you decide on the platform/ Institute:

  1. Do they provide recorded video lessons or live interactive classes?
  2. What’s all in the syllabus?
  3. Is batch timing flexible?
  4. The number of mock tests?
  5. What is the success rate?

5. Mock Test / Sample Questions

Make sure not only you have studied hard but taken enough mock tests as well – no point doing these long hours of study without any thorough analysis. Sample questions will help you understand the type of question asked in the real PTE exam. Do not practice with old practice materials. With mock tests, you can attain exam-like experience & get the idea of managing time on the test day. Choose a platform that has enough mock tests to practice.

6. Feedback

Feedback is very essential for improvement be it PTE Exam or any other. Find a mentor who works along with your aim, guides you consistently, and gives you feedback regularly.

7. Choosing a Mobile App

Don’t start practicing with the first one you find. Check the availability of the number of practice questions, vocab bank, hours of practice it offers, covers practice for all four modules, etc. App performance is also an important aspect. It will hardly be useful if it takes a long to open or have technical issues.


You now got all the information you need to choose the right platform for your PTE preparation. You may give PTE Tutorials a try as the platform is versatile & the success rate is quite high.

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