The 5 Best Online Courses to Improve Your Personality

Personality plays a critical role in your day-to-day activities, which is why people are trying their best to improve their personalities. Personal development is about taking time to invest in yourself to be the best version of yourself. And with everyone’s busy schedule, you’re wondering where the time to go to a physical class for personal development is. Not to worry, there are a lot of courses online that can help you achieve the improvement you want.

Online Courses to Improve Your Personality

Personal development produces a confident, fulfilled, empowered and effective version of you. It improves you in problem-solving, strategic and creative thinking, listening, speaking, personal finance, and a host of other areas where you need development.

Personality development is necessary to boost your personal and business success. This is why many people are taking the MBTI personality test to have a better understanding of their personalities and how to improve. To know your MBTI personality type, you can take a free online test with PersonalityMax.

There are quite several personality development courses online, which is why we’ve simplified the list to these few so you can choose one and begin your development journey. You can enroll for free on some of them, while others require a registration fee.

Our list of the best online courses to improve your personality includes:

1. The Science of Wellbeing by Yale University on Coursera:

This course by Yale Psychology Professor Laurie Santos delves deep into the science of wellbeing and teaches you how your habits, increasing productivity can improve your life.

It includes short videos, optional reading, and lots of homework targeted at changing your habits. This ten (10) weeks course covers:

  • The misconceptions about our happiness
  • Why our expectations are so bad
  • How we can overcome our biases
  • What we can do to improve our happiness
  • Putting strategies into practice
  • Final rewire challenge

2. Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain (Udemy):

Neuroplasticity is the talk of the psychology town now. Contrary to traditional beliefs, it makes us understand that it is possible to rewire our brains to improve our health, mental being, and quality of life. This course by Gregory Caremans will change your perspective on different things, and in no time, you’ll be dropping bad habits for good ones.

Contrary to what you might think, this course is very understandable, and Gregory teaches it in such a way that it’s easily applicable to your everyday life and helps you neutralize your negative, emotional baggage of painful memories.

3. Learning How to Learn:

Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects (Coursera). As students, how our brain takes in new information is essential to us since it affects our success in the classroom. This course explains how the brain uses two different learning modes: the focused and diffused modes.

It also helps you learn how your brain processes information and teaches you how to effectively apply this knowledge in learning complicated subjects and improving them.

It is a 4 weeks course by distinguished professors Dr. Barbara Oakley and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski

4. De-Mystifying Mindfulness by Leiden University (Coursera):

This innovative course encompasses ancient tradition and cutting-edge science, a perfect blend of the old and the new as an approach to understand and access mindfulness in its various forms.

The course is designed by Dr. Chris Goto-Jones, a very learned and renowned professor of Philosophy who teaches with a friendly, open style and focuses on daily experiential practices using meditation labs where learners can practice and analyze mindfulness on themselves.

5. Become a SuperLearnerĀ® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory (Udemy). This Udemy course improves your ability to learn new skills, enhanced memory techniques, long-term retention, and application of the information quickly and effectively. The course has three goals:

  • Speed reading with more than 80% understanding
  • Hacking memory skills results in retention and recollecting vast amounts of information quickly and accurately.
  • Developing the neurologic and cognitive parts of the brain to support long-term retention of information.

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