8 Best Places in Central London for Student Accommodation

If you are planning to study in the UK, then London seems to be the best place for you. But, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yet, there are tons of students that come to London every year. Apart from all the locations in this city, central London has the maximum universities. From King’s College of London to the famous UCL, you will find many options. But, if you are going to join one of these universities in central London than the biggest issue remains to be student accommodation. Most of them get full due to a high rush every year. So, you need to start early with your search for the best student accommodations in central London.

 best places in Central London for Student Accommodation

But, before we explore the student accommodations in central London that are best for you, here, are some stats that you should know.

  • 87% of all the new student accommodations are delivered by private housing firms and not university-based halls.
  • The demand for student accommodation in central London and other parts of the city continues to rise to 30.%
  • There are more than 114,000 Purpose Built Student Accommodations to be built in the next few years.
  • From all these PBSAs, ⅔ of student accommodations have planning approvals.
  • Total deals worth £2.5 billion by student accommodation companies by the end of October last year.

Essential Data on the State of Student Accommodation in Central London

let’s explore some options!

1. The Stay Club Camden:

The Stay Club Camden

Camden is an amazing area in central London. If you are looking for a serene setup with more comfort, this is the perfect student accommodation in central London. It is a great locality with all the amenities of modern student accommodation. It offers amenities like.

  • TV lounge
  • Gaming Area
  • Laundry Services
  • On-site cafe
  • Personal en-suite
  • Self-contained studio
  • Catering Services

Many student accommodation companies in central London can offer great deals for the stay club Camden. It mirrors the neighborhood and provides a quiet and serene atmosphere for academic purposes. You can go with a personal studio or a 3 bedroom student accommodation with this central London property.

2. Emily Bowes Court:

Emily Bowes Court

Just two minutes away from the tube station and 15 minutes walk to any university in central London. So, whether you are looking for accommodation for Indian students or from any other country, Emily Bowes Court can offer good options near central London. It is one of those Purpose-built student accommodations that offer complete comfort at affordable prices. You can get en-suite rooms with shared kitchens. There are plenty of common areas for students to hang out after an academic session.

3. International Lutheran Student Centre:

International Lutheran Student Centre

If you are thinking about choosing a university hall, then here is a valid option. University halls or such private students center are cheaper than PBSAs. But, they get full very easily. You may need a student accommodation company to get rooms here. It is more comfortable than a normal university hall. Some of the amenities match up to the level of private sector PBSAs. But, there are certain downsides. You don’t get to choose your room partners. So, there may be non-students or even job-oriented people around. One thing that stands out is its proximity to the King’s Cross tube station.

4.  IQ Bankside:

IQ Bankside

This is another exciting option. It is closest to the King’s College of London. So, if you have signed up for academics at this prestigious university, IQ Bankside is the best choice. It has more than 150 rooms. So, you get excellent options and greater room sharing options. You can even get a one-bedroom apartment as student accommodation in this part of central London. The best thing about the property is 24/7 security. International students are often vulnerable to crimes in cities like London. So, choosing secure student accommodation in central London can be of paramount importance.

5.  Bloomsbury Janet Poole House:

 Bloomsbury Janet Poole House:

Don’t judge it by its name. It is not a pool house. It is one of the best student accommodations in the central London area. Right at the heart of London, this area blooms in history and panache. The most interesting part is the presence of the famous British Museum and the cartoon museum. So, if you are a history lover, you will love this place. Janet Pool House matches the excellence of the surroundings. There are many parks and gardens around the property for nature lovers. So, you get a serene atmosphere to concentrate on your studies. It also has a sound network of underground tubes for you to reach any part of London.

6. Chapter Spitalfields:

Chapter Spitalfields

Spitalfields is a wonderful locality in central London. Here, you will find student accommodations that are with the best of amenities here. The old Spitalfields market is known for its restaurants, cafes, flea markets, and other such common areas. If you want to make the most of this locality in central London, then student accommodations like Chapter Spitalfields can be a great option. They offer multiple room options and great amenities.

7. Chapter King Cross:

Chapter King Cross

It is one of the university halls that is quite close to King’s Cross St. Pancras station. It is one of the most affordable university halls. It provides multiple amenities like gyms, TV lounge, gaming areas, separate study rooms, common courtyards, and even bike storage. It is considered as one of the most preferred student accommodations in central London. It has more than 10 properties across London. So, you can enjoy the amenities of any property at any locality through a single membership. The only drawback is concerns regarding a lack of some basic facilities.

8. IQ Shoreditch:

IQ Shoreditch

Shoreditch in central London is the perfect student destination. It has everything you need for student accommodation in central London. It has one of the best views of capital with the best locality. IQ Shoreditch makes this more attractive with excellent and comfortable options.


Apart from the fact that you will need to have a University consultant or a private leasing agent by your side, their other things to keep in mind. You should plan your visit to these accommodations. If you are entering the contract for student accommodation in central London, then you should be vigilant on different clauses. So, get your backpack and start your academic journey with the best student accommodations in a city like London

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