How to Create a Stressless Online Teaching Learning Environment

Nowadays, many new methods of interestingly organizing the teaching and learning process have been created. Thanks to these methods, the learning process not only becomes interesting for students but also becomes easier.

The environment is very important for studying, working, and living. When you study, work, and live in a place where you are calm, peaceful, and free from stress, then everything is twice as easy and enjoyable for you.

Nowadays, to make the learning process more pleasant and stressless, different types of quizzes are used during the course. Quizzes have several advantages:

  • Create a stressless environment for both you and your students
  • Be motivated to self-learning or learn some new hobbies during your free time
  • Check your teaching methods whether they are good or not
  • Make the process of collecting data and generating leads easier
  • And many other great benefits.

So as the quizzes have many benefits, so creating and using them is also so beneficial. The question arises of what type of quizzes to use for making the online teaching-learning environment stressless and how to create them. 

So in this article, we will learn how to create quizzes with the Quiz plugin for WordPress for making the online teaching-learning environment stressless for both you and your students and what type of quizzes to use for a good result. 

Types of Quizzes That You Can Use During Online Teaching

The good news is that quizzes have various types, so you can choose the one your favorite or to each time create different types of quizzes. Now let’s together understand what type of quizzes you can use during your online quiz.


  • Scored Quiz Type

This type of quiz can be called a tally test, as by using it you can check the knowledge of the respondents. So assessing it at the end will be quite easy. Usually, in the scored quiz the questions of the quiz are about the same topic. So in the end, you cannot only assess the respondents but also understand what is hard for them to understand. 

Let’s understand what we need for creating a scored quiz type. If the Quiz maker plugin is also installed and activated. All you need is just to choose the topic of the quiz and each question assigns a point value. 

The important thing about scored quizzes is to provide respondents with constructive feedback. So at the end of the quiz, your respondents will have a reward for their efforts.

  • Multiple choice quiz type

By turning to the next quiz type let’s pay attention to the type that is mostly used for assessment purposes-the multiple choice quiz. Let’s turn to the most used quizzes in schools and universities. At first, it is used in written form but now you can organize an online exam for your students and also make your job effortless. How? During the multiple-choice quiz, respondents can choose only one answer as correct and at the end of the quiz, all correct answers are calculated automatically. So based on the number of correct answers at the end, you will have accurate results. Also, you have both variants to show the correct answer after each question or all the correct answers after the test.

  • Knowledge test type

As you can understand from the type’s name these quizzes are mostly used for assessment purposes. The difference is that here you should choose a specific topic and create questions only based on it. 

Here also the correct answers are calculated automatically, which makes your job easy as pie. Also, be attentive not to add too many questions in one quiz as it will be stressful for respondents. But just create a quiz consisting of only 10-15 questions.

So choose the specific topic and create the best questions for your knowledge test. 

  • Assessment Quiz type

By turning to the next type of quiz let’s talk about the Assessment quiz type that is mainly used for summing up a course or just a lesson. 

Here you should use only open-ended questions. During the creation of assessment quizzes, you can also include fill-in-the-blank questions.

  • Diagnostic Test type

If the above-mentioned types are generally used for assessment purposes, this type is used for informing purposes. Using this type of quiz you can understand what students already know about upcoming topics. So the process of planning the lesson will be less complicated. 

With the help of the diagnostic test, you can make your lessons more informative and interesting for your students. 

All the types of quizzes that are mentioned above are specially used for checking knowledge. So let’s now pay attention to the quiz types that also can be used during the classes.

  • Personality Quiz type

Let’s talk about one of the most popular types of quizzes-Personality Quiz type which is used for different purposes. Also during the classes, it can be used especially when the students are the newest ones. 

It is known then working, and communicating with the humans whom you know or just know a little bit of information about them, makes the process of communication easy and pleasing.

So be aware of your students and make the process of communicating and working with them enjoyable.  

  • Trivia Quiz type

The last type I want to talk about in this article is the Trivia quiz type-one of the most engaging quiz type. As thanks to trivia quizzes you not only check the knowledge of your respondents but also keep your respondents engaged. The trivia quiz type should be full of mind-blowing, interesting, and engaging questions. The topic can be both knowledge-checking and engaging. Make the lesson not only informative but also funny and engage with the help of trivia quizzes.

We already understand that quizzes have too many types from which we can choose the best. So now let’s move to learn how to create a quiz with the Quiz plugin for WordPress. As the types of quizzes are so different, so is the process of creation. So let’s just choose one of the quiz types and start to learn how to create that type. 

How to Create a Multiple Choice Quiz

As the multiple choice quiz is one of the most common ones, let’s understand how we can create it with the Quiz plugin for WordPress with just a few clicks. First, you need to install and activate the Quiz plugin and then start the main process of creation. Also do not forget to decide what topic the quiz will be.

So if the Quiz Maker plugin is already installed and activated and the topic is chosen let’s start to create your multiple quizzes.

Step 1: Create quiz questions        

WordPress dashboard > Quiz Maker plugin > Questions >  Add New

Creation of the quiz we should start with the creation of its questions. So for creating the questions you need to go to “the WordPress dashboard” by heading to “the Quiz Maker” plugin and open the Question section by clicking on it. Here you can see the “Add New” button. By clicking on the button you can create unlimited questions for your quiz.


You should type in your question in “the Question field” where you can also add an image to the question and do some changes to it as well.

If the question is ready by scrolling down a little bit add your answers in “the Answer fields” (with the quiz maker plugin you can add unlimited answers to the question). Here also you can add an image to the answer if you want.

Now let’s choose your question type. The quiz maker plugin allows you to choose between 9 types of questions. The question types that you have are:

  • Dropdown, 
  • Number, 
  • Radio, 
  • Checkbox (Multiple), 
  • Text, 
  • True/False,
  • Custom (Banner), 
  • Number, 
  • Short Text,
  • and also the Date question type. 

In the case of a multiple-choice quiz, you must choose the “Radio question type”, as the questions must have only one correct answer.


From this, one of the most important things in creating multiple-choice quizzes is to choose “the Correct answer” and tick its checkbox. 

So for each correct answer, the respondents will get 1 point, and for each incorrect answer 0 points. 

If the answers are ready just click on the best button for you. Click on the “Save and Close” button if it is the last question that you made, click on the “Save and new” button if you want to create some more questions and also you can click on the “Save” button and continue to work on the same questions. All you need is just to choose the best variant for you.

By repeating the same steps you can create unlimited questions. So as you already understand how to create quiz questions, let’s move to create the quiz.

Step 2: Create the quiz

Quiz Maker plugin > Quizzes > Add New

For creating the quiz you also should head to “the Quiz Maker” plugin and click on “Quizzes”. Here you can see the same “Add New” button, so click on it for starting the process of creating the quiz.


First, you need to type in the title of the quiz in the “Title field” and also add a description in the “Description field” and add an image if you need.


Now you need to add questions with their answers to the quiz by clicking on the “Add Questions” button and by ticking on the checkbox of the questions that you need just click on the “Select Questions” button. 

That’s all. Your multiple-choice quiz is already ready.

The quiz maker plugin allows you to add many other functions to the quiz for instance to enable Copy Content feature or make the quiz timer-based and many more interesting and useful features. 

Step 3: Preview the quiz

As the multiple choice quiz is ready you can preview it. You need to copy the shortcode of the quiz and by heading to the “Posts” section from the left sub-menu click on the “Add New” button. Here you should add a title to your post and paste the shortcode. That’s all now click on the “Preview” button and the “Preview in new tab” button. 

To Sum Up!

So, if you want to provide your students with a calm, non-stressful atmosphere, thanks to which they will learn much better and easier then use the different types of quizzes to get better results during your class.

The Quiz plugin for WordPress is here to help you create limitless and extraordinary quizzes for both you and your students. Make the online teaching-learning environment peaceful, stressless, and enjoyable by creating the best quizzes effortlessly.

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