Top MBA Colleges in Canada

At the present time, the MBA is considered one of the essential post-graduate courses as students could take practical knowledge and good work opportunities. MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the degree through which the students learn to become an expert in managing various types of business in many forms such as a small family business or a startup of some big companies. This degree is a famous qualification and it is greatly recognized by employers in India as well as foreign countries. If a person consists of an MBA degree, then it helps in encouraging an individual’s resume and also open new doors to better job opportunities all over the world. Hence, it is necessary to choose top MBA colleges in Canada.

Well, it is seen that in today’s time, there are a number of people who are opting to study an MBA degree from foreign that will assist in enhancing the eventuality of getting recruitment in the MNCs at the best pay scale. You should take the right decision to study abroad as education is very costly, hence, a person should know about the fee structures so that he or she can take education without any tension about the fees.

Once, you have decided that you are finally pursuing an MBA to learn, then, the next question arises where you should take admission. So next, we will read about many MBA colleges where you can pursue an MBA.

Top MBA Colleges in Canada

Why MBA should Study in Canada?

Canada is listed as one of the top places among the Canadian market for the students to study an MBA degree because of its A-one universities and the best job opportunities for MBA graduate people. Moreover, due to its immigration friendly policies and post-study opportunities, students from another country come to take admission to the best colleges to study MBA in Canada. There are several top universities that exist in Canada comprising highly qualified professional teachers who teach their students in an excellent way. These universities provide full time and part-time MBA courses to the candidates.

Multicultural society found in Canada, where people from numerous regions, backgrounds, languages, and cultures live where you can know various things about their business in the most excellent way. Its rising economy provides good post-study chances to all MBA graduate candidates. At the present time, Canada is very popular in the form of top and most preferred place for immigrants in all across the world. People in Canada converse in French and English both in the large population that shows that they accept many cultures.

 Reasons to Pursue MBA in Canada

Below are some of the reasons listed that tell us why a person should get  MBA degree in Canada.

Work Permit Program for MBA Course:

You will get a work permit when you get to graduate from an appropriate program through DLI (Designated Learning Institution) in Canada and you will get fully eligible for the PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit). The length of the study program of the students defines the validity of the work permit. If you are pursuing the MBA program for two years, then, the validity of your PGWP will also be two years, but if the MBA program will be more than 2 years then, your PGWP will valid for three years.

Apart from PGWP, Canada is considered as one of the best straight forward and limpid PR (Permanent Residency) programs that offer the opportunity of the Canadian post-graduate students to get settled in Canada after completion of graduation.

Inexpensive Tuition Fees than U.S MBA Programs:

 The expense of an MBA program in Canada is less costly as compared to the U.S master’s degree course. Doing an MBA study in Canada greatly offers the best ROI on the professional course career. Also, the cost of the tuition fee of the best MBA colleges in Canada is relatively low when compared to the MBA programs in the U.S which are US $ 30,000 more than the Canadian MBA degree. For example, in the U.S the expense is $140, 000 while in Canada it is CAD $ 110,000.

MBA Programs are Highly Ranked at International Level:

Canada boasts many MBA programs that ranked high in the international rankings of an MBA course. The programs are placed well in many fields such as consulting, finance, and so on. Although, rather than seeing the MBA rankings, you should go for the post MBA career goals and the programs offered that fit you the most is the essential factor to evaluate the MBA program.

Average Salaries are High for MBA:

It is already discussed that an MBA degree provides a better ROI. When you will get the job, then, it is seen that in the beginning with the post-graduation in MBA, your average salary will be $85, 000. It is beneficial for those who want to live in Canada and work after completion of the MBA degree. Hence, it is 85% an employment rate enhancement course.

Multicultural and Diversified Society:

In the 1970s, Canada has adopted a multi-cultured policy. Immigration is considered an essential factor for the country, both economically as well as socially. Therefore, Canada offers one of the safest and welcoming places for the immigrants also; it greatly works on the policies that assist the immigrants in the society of Canada.

How Students Live in Canada?

Students in Canada should know about the top universities where they can take advantage of various types of financial aids and scholarships that are offered to the students. There are many things that they should explore like top MBA colleges in Canada, how to take admission to the universities and which university will be best for them as per their convenience. Along with the study, students can do part-time work which assists them in their living expenditures.

Scholarships for MBA Students in Canada

MBA is the most popular business professional course in Canada. It is found that the scholarship for international students who pursue an MBA program is not unlimited, but if the students have excellent academic records can assist in getting scholarships in this program. It has happened many times that half expenditure on education is free because of the high scores in GMAT. Also, students who need some financial aid can also apply to this famous scholarship MBA course.

  • OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarships) is provided by the government with the aim to provide top education at the masters level as well as doctorates.
  • The graduate scholarship is provided to those meritorious students who have taken graduate studies and it is provided by the University of Waterloo.
  • Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Caste and other candidates from other countries except for the UK is provided to those students who want to complete a master’s or Ph.D. degrees.
  • Go Clean Scholarship is another type of scholarship for mainly those meritorious students who want to go for higher studies abroad.

 Top 10 MBA Colleges in Canada With the Fee Structure

1. Rotman (University of Toronto)

Rotman, University of Toronto’s establishment occurred in 1950. It is popular and known as a Rotman School of Management. In 1902, it has been started an undergraduate course in management. The dean of the college named Roger Martin is known as the most efficacious management thinkers all over the world. The aim of the schools is to become a part of the top 10 MBA colleges in Canada so that lots of students approach there and take advantage of their courses. Additionally, it is famous for its innovative curriculum with cross-functional and integrative approaches.

  • Some of the Programs Listed are:-
  • MBA
  • JD/MBA
  • Skoll BASc/MBA
  • Morning & evening part-time MBAs
  • Master of Global Affairs (MGA)/ MBA
  • Rotman Commerce (undergraduate degree)
  • Master of Financial Economics
  • Collaborative Program in Environmental Studies
  • Collaborative Program in Asia Pacific Studies
  • Dynamics of Global Change Program
  • PhD

Fee Structure:- $ 84, 028

Duration of Course:- 2 years

Average GMAT Score:-637

Class profile for the year 2018:-

-Average Age is 28.

-Average work experience required 4.5 years

-GMAT Range can be 550 – 780.

– For international students, 48% of MBA tuition fees are CAD 59, 450 and other expenses is CAD 21, 736.

– If talk about MBA world rankings, then, it is QS Ranking 2019 World University Ranking # 28 and FT Global MBA rankings 2019 # 85

2. Ivey School of Business – The University of  Western Ontario

It is established in 1922 and it’s one of the most magisterial business schools in Canada credited as Canada’s first MBA degree and Ph.D. courses in business. This college is categorized as top MBA colleges in the list among others. It is popular for its modern curriculum and the Cross-Enterprises MBA course learning methods. Also, you will find an excellent track record of best leaders.

  • Some of the Programs Listed are:-
  • HBA (Honors Business Administration)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • Executive MBA
  • Accelerated MBA
  • MSC in Management
  • Executive Development
  • D. MBA

Fee Structure:- $ 101, 500

Duration of Course:- 1 year

Average GMAT Score:-662

Class profile for the year 2018:-

-Average age: 28.4 years

-Median GMAT is 670.

-Work experience on average is 4.8 years.

-Tuition Fees in MBA for international students are CAD 1,06, 500 and another additional expense is CAD 22, 460.

-World Rankings for MBA course in 2019, QS Ranking is #60(comprising USA & Canada), FT Global MBA Ranking is #94 and the Bloomberg Business week world rankings 2019 is #56.

3. Schulich School of Business – York University

In 1966, this college was established and it is known for a global approach, different innovative programs, and various perspectives. It provides a top approach to the general management fundamentals and combined classroom so that students can learn to work on some real clients’ strategic projects their problems and solutions as well. In this college, MBA program comprises several specialties as it offers a choice of year-round study, which includes full-time, part-time can be evening and weekend, more than 70 exchanged partners and internship choices. This college is popular for its highly selective undergraduate courses comprising of an acceptance rate is 8%.

  • Some of the Programs Listed are:
  • MPA (Master of Public Administration)
  • MF (Master of Finance)
  • Master of Accounting
  • BBA, IBBA (International BBA)
  • MBA, IMBA (International MBA)
  • MSC in Business Analysis
  • Executive MBA
  • PhD
  • Post-MBA Diplomas
  • MBA/MFA/MA (MBA/Master of Fine Arts/Master of Arts)
  • Financial Engineering
  • MBA/JD (MBA/Juris Doctor)
  • Executive Education Programs

Fee Structure:- $ 99, 400

Duration of Course:- 2 years

Average GMAT Score:-664

Class profile for the year 2018:-

-The average age is 29 years.

-The work experience is 5 years.

Average GPA is 3.3/4.0 (B+)

50% of international students

The tuition fee is CAD 51,900 and other expenses are CAD 17,924.

MBA World Rankings are QS Ranking 2019 # 76, Times Higher Education (THE) 2019 # 101-125.

4. Desautels Faculty of Management – McGill University

McGill University is very popular in Canada and it was established in the year 1906. The dynamic MBA programs in this college are one of the most famous courses among people. It is found that Desautels Faculty consists of several research centers and some academic programs which are benefitted by the students at undergraduate, masters, executive, and the top Ph.D. level. This school included six Nobel Prize winners and 127 Rhodes scholars.

  • Some of the Programs Listed are:
  • BCom
  • MBA
  • Honors in Investment Management Program
  • International Summer Program
  • International Management
  • Law MBA Program
  • McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA
  • Professional Part-time MBA Program
  • MD MBA Program
  • MBA Japan
  • International Masters in Practicing Management
  • Post-MBA Japan
  • International Masters for Health Leadership
  • Masters in Manufacturing Management Program
  • PhD
  • McGill Executive Institute
  • International Masters in Practicing Management
  • Public Accountancy
  • Advanced Leadership Program
  • McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA

Fee Structure:- $ 89, 000

Duration of Course:- 20 months

Average GMAT Score:-670

Class profile for the year 2018:-

-Average Age is 28.5 years

-Work Experience is 5 years

-International Students should be 55%

-GMAT Range will be 600 – 780

-Total GPA: 3.3/4.0 (B+)

-MBA Tuition Fees is CAD 44, 500 and CAD 14,299 for other expenses.

-MBA World Rankings is QS Ranking 2019 World University Ranking # 33 & FT Global MBA rankings 2019 # 87.

5. The Sauder School of Business – University of British Columbia

This college was established in the year 1956 and it is considered as the world’s headmost academic school of business. This school provides tenacious and relevant teaching on MBA programs in which the business leaders are developed who helps in driving modifications and shaping industries as well as organizations all over the world. There are more than 34,000 business experts are produced in 77 countries.

  • Some of the Programs Listed are:
  • MBA
  • Part-time MBA
  • Master of Management
  • International MBA
  • Joint MBA/JD
  • Master of Management in Operations Research
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Joint MBA/MAPPS
  • EMBA in Health Care
  • in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration
  • Advanced Management Program
  • Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP)
  • Licensing Courses & Credit Programs (Real estate)
  • Executive Training/Programs
  • Ch’nook Scholars Program
  • Business Families Centre Programs

Fee Structure:- $ 45, 460

Duration of Course:- 16 months

Average GMAT Score:-650

Class profile for the year 2018:-

– Average Age: 29

-Total Work Experience: 5 years

-Average GPA should 3.3/4.0 (B+) or 76%

-International Students should be 55%

-MBA tuition fee is CAD 60,045 and CAD 25,362 for some other expenses.

-MBA World Rankings: QS Ranking 2019 World University Ranking # 47 & Times Higher Education (THE) 2019 University Ranking # 37.

6. Queen’s School of Business – Queen’s University

The establishment of Queen’s University occurred in 1919 and it is the college that is considered as Canada’s most popular and honorable undergraduate MBA program. This school uses an inventive approach to experimental learning. In terms of providing executive education, this school ranks at the top position.

  • List of Programs:
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Executive MBA
  • MBA
  • Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates
  • Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA
  • Master of Finance – Toronto
  • Executive Education
  • Master of Management Analytics – Toronto
  • Master of International Business
  • PhD
  • Graduate Diploma in Accounting
  • Master of Science in Management

Fee Structure:- $ 71, 445

Duration of Course:- 1 year

Average GMAT Score:-650

MBA Class profile for the year 2018:-

– For international students, the tuition fee for MBA is $85,000 and $1600 for student activity fees.

-MBA World Rankings: QS Ranking 2013 (including both USA & Canada region) # 18, Business Week (2012) in Canada ranking #1 and outside the USA, it is #2.

7. HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal is the first business school of the MBA program which was established in the year 1907. This school is famous in terms of finance research, economics, logistics, information technology, and operation researches. There are over 40% of professors and one-third of students come from abroad. This college provides bilingual comprising French and English language, trilingual bachelor’s degrees in which French, English, and Spanish. Also, graduation can do both in English and French.

  • List of Programs:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • MBA
  • E.S.S. (Graduate Studies Diploma)
  • Certificates
  • EMBA
  • Master of Laws, Taxation option (LL.M)
  • Master of Science in Electronic Commerce
  • Short Graduate Program in Process Performance Improvement – Health and Social Services System
  • Master of Management in Cultural Enterprises
  • Master of Science in Administration
  • Short Graduate Program – CGA
  • Master of Management in International Arts Management
  • Short Graduate Program in Data Mining in Business Intelligence (in French only)
  • D. in Administration
  • Executive education programs

Fee Structure:- $ 33, 200

Duration of Course:- 1 year

Average GMAT Score:-625

MBA Class profile for the last 5 years:-

-Average Age is 31 years.

-Average Work Experience: 7 years

-Average Tage-Mage scores: 345

-Total Represented countries: 66

-MBA Tuition Fees in 2014: CAD 34,000 for International students and CAD 8,538 for other expenses.

-MBA World Rankings: QS Ranking 2019 Global MBA Ranking # 101-110 and Bloomberg 2019 Global Best Business School Ranking 2019 # 119

8. Alberta School of Business – University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is also a famous college among top MBA colleges in Canada that was established since 1916. It is known as the publicly funded university and it emphatically ranks among the top 50 publicly-funded colleges for researches via the Financial Times of London. They believe in team works and they provide highly professionalized and experienced experts. This school of business has made 4 winners of the National 3M Teaching fellowship which is more as compared to other Canadian business schools.

  • List of Programs:
  • MBA
  • Alberta BCom
  • Part-Time Evening MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • McMurray MBA
  • Fast Track MBA for Business Graduates
  • Master of Financial Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Executive Education

Fee Structure:- $ 53, 392

Duration of Course:- 20 months

Average GMAT Score:-630

Class profile for the year 2018:-

-Average Age: 28

-Average Work Experience is 5 years

-Average GPA is 3.4 /4.0

-International students: 50%

-MBA Tuition Fees (2019): CAD 16,520 for International students and for other expenses it is CAD 21,719.

-The MBA World Ranking: QS Ranking 2019 World University Ranking # 109 & Bloomberg 2019 Global Best Business School Ranking 2019 # 103.

9. Beedie School Business – The Simon Fraser University

In this university, the Executive MBA is a very popular program in Canada and presently, it is the largest business school in western Canada. This school was established in the year 1966 and it provides several undergraduate and graduate courses in the business.

  • List of Programs:
  • Executive Education
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Full-Time MBA
  • Executive MBA (EMBA)
  • Part-Time MBA
  • Management of Technology MBA
  • EMBA in Aboriginal Business & Leadership
  • PhD
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Research
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Fee Structure:- $ 39, 121

Average GMAT Score:-650

Class profile for the year 2018:-

-Average Age: 27.5

-Average Work Experience: 5 years

-Average GPA: 3.4 /4.0 (B+) or 76%

-Basic Countries: Canada, India, China, USA, Mexico, Iran, Brazil, Peru, Greece, Pakistan, Lebanon, Malaysia, and Italy.

-MBA Tuition Fees of 2019: For International students, CAD 51,700 (+ required and CAD 21,668 for other expenses.

-MBA World Rankings: QS Ranking 2019 World University Ranking # 264.

10. The Edward School of Business – University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan was incorporated since 1914 and its focus is on creating strategic access to the management, grabbing the best understanding of the company as well as context including local and global. The MBA program focuses on business strategy, leadership, and team building. This school is unique from others as it allows the students to consolidate their studies for 12 months or 36 months into their lifestyles.

  • List of Programs:
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Master of Science in Finance Program
  • Master of Business Administration Program
  • Business Administration Certificate
  • Master of Professional Accounting Program
  • Edwards Executive Education
  • Executive Business Administration Certificate
  • The Cameco Business Co-operative Education Program (BCEP)
  • Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate

Fee Structure:- $ 35, 921

Average GMAT Score:-560

Class profile for the year 2018:-

-Average Age: 30 years.

-Average Work Experience is 6 years

-International students: 15%

-In 2018, the MBA tuition fee is CAD 47,409 for International students and CAD 12,210 for other expenses.

-MBA World Rankings: QS Ranking 2019 World University Ranking # 461.


In this blog, you have read about the most popular best MBA colleges in Canada. If you are pursuing an MBA and thinking to study it in Canada then, it is the best option as there are many facilities and scholarships for international students are available which we have discussed above. We have provided much information that generally students want to know like about the college, fee structure, GMAT scores, different programs offered, etc. It is hoped that the above knowledge about the colleges will help you in choosing a convenient college as per your needs. Also, students who get an MBA degree can apply for the leaderships and they can work in the demanding industries and various work cultures. So, build your bright career in this business study of MBA.

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