6 Free Online Educational Game Sites for Kids

Education builds up multiple expectations as if we observe in our society that how desperately the world is demanding potential individuals with mind-blowing cognition and a set of skills. And, the purpose is all about to multiply the economic benefits and peace of mind at the end. But, education is not all about it. Simultaneously the negativity, anxiety, and uncertainty are increasing rapidly in a pandemic scenario because people are facing devastative emotional and psychological impacts due to long period lockdown. Even people are bearing health issues and mental pressure due to social distancing. But, at this crucial time, some online service providers in the educational domain are showing their responsible behavior by proposing online assistance after observing aggravating severe depression, which we need to cope with.

6 Free Online Educational Game Sites for Kids

Multiple educational institutions are posing remarkable efforts to transform the negative energies into productive by offering unlimited online courses and games with the aim to improvise their knowledge and polish their potential. The most adverse part of this pandemic scenario is that it has stopped the usual pattern of academics as if students cannot go to schools, colleges, and universities due to closure. But, with the help of online educational platforms, parents can help children to continue their learning. This will not only help them to be stable even in social distancing but also trigger them to learn new things with diversity. For this, parents can enchant their attention and engage them through educational games to improvise their knowledge and interest in lockdown learning. Why through games? Because it will make them realize that they are only doing entertainment, but in reality, they will learn new things without intentional efforts. Moreover, games will not let their mind and learning capability rust during the lockdown. Are you thinking about what games you should choose? So, let me tell you the best options to divert your children’s negative energies into positive ones through educational games.

Below are the 6 Free Online Educational Game Sites for Kids

Sheppard Software:

Sheppard Software Educational Game

This online gaming website is owned by Brad Sheppard. This software is incredible while providing unlimited free educational opportunities with the help of appealing games. Most of the time, they propose games for children with the aim to improvise their cognition and enhance their level of understanding. For this purpose, they offer critical tasks so that children learn problem-solving skills while completing tasks within the prescribed time limit. On the other hand, they provide diversity through multiple categories while considering different tastes, modes, people, and mental levels. This site has been designed to assist students and teachers at the same time through its user-friendly features. How? Because they can quickly and effortlessly navigate their instructional needs. Moreover, this is also increasing the thirst for knowledge in students while presenting curiosity factor in-game. Similarly, it also helps to define future lines regarding interest and assist in exploring hidden potential through diversified challenges.

Official Site: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com

PBS Kids Games:

PBS Kids Educational Game

Every parent and teacher who want to improvise the learning ability of the student in this critical time, they must be aware of the features and positive impact of this game. These games not only help them to learn through curriculum-based entertainment without intention efforts but also increase their interest in learning new things. Simultaneously, this site also contains countless browser-based gaming experience to inculcate the educational skills and enchant them through captivating presence. Moreover, it helps to organize it. Simultaneously, it is well-known to host various and distinguished literary and media franchises and also helps to refresh the mind through health games. For instance, they are presenting a cat in the hat, sesame street, Curious George, etc. Moreover, they assist users by demonstrating multiple options of game category in an organized way through a list. This strategy minimizes the chances of wastage of time and irritation while searching the related and liked domain of masses. For instance, they propose diversified areas like science, healthy habits, vocabulary, math, reading, and teamwork.

Official Site: https://pbskids.org/games

National Geographic Kids:

National Geographic Kids

This is something mesmerizing learning opportunity. With the help of this game, you cannot only have a magical trip while learning new dimensions of the world but also energize your day. This is a user-friendly tool which is assisting players through feasible features. They not only propose over 100 different fun, cognitive, thought-provoking, and eye-catching games but also captivate the attention of players with curiosity element presence. In addition, they offer diversity and polish brainstorming capability with real adventure throughout the game. For instance, students learn about the world through geography-related games. Moreover, they are triggered to learn through science and action based levels. Besides this, they also offer adventurous games, thought-provoking quizzes, and jaw-dropping puzzles to improvise the critical thinking ability of the player. The “wildest weather, and journey of freedom” are not only the remarkable work but “underground railroad” and “on the trail of captain john smith” are also well-known and worth seeing due to proficient and quality production.

Official Site: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/games


Poptropica Educational Game For Kids

Jeff Kinney is an incredible and creative individual who has introduced this game to the world. He is famous for his captivating writing style and renowned for “Diary of a wimpy kid” production. Poptropica is a remarkable, feasible, and reliable virtual world because it provides safety and confidentiality altogether to users while exploring the site. This site is presenting a responsible, calculable, steady, and motivator role while improvising critical thinking of children through diversified puzzles. This platform is not only enhancing their knowledge and mental capacity but also increasing engagement level with the help of thought-provoking quest and situations. Moreover, it aggravates students’ learning interest in new information through different stories and videos. Assignment writing service elaborates it in true sense.

Official Site: https://www.poptropica.com


Funbrain Educational Game

Funbrain is the opportunity for students to learn new things effortlessly. Students just have to play games and bring academic knowledge and skills while having entertainment. Elders can make the most of this platform in lockdown as well to use time in productive activities. As if children also love to learn in the supervision of their beloved. This platform is mostly a good chance for up to grade 8 students. Funbrain is proposing over 100 fun and interactive games. Simultaneously, it is also developing critical thinking abilities with fun quizzes and level. Same as they entertain users through math, reading, and literacy-based offerings. This game has been designed while considering the fundamental requirements of traditional academics. Moreover, they offer unlimited comics to energize children’s brains and elevate their interest. The eye-catching and mesmerizing workings are “Diary of a wimpy kid, Amelia writes, and Brewster Rocket.”

Official Site: https://www.funbrain.com/games

BBC School:

BBC School

British counterpart has proposed the opportunity to students to improvise grades through playing games. It not only introduce problem-solving games to uplift the mental abilities but also helps to 0onculucate critical thinking capability through credible and reliable interactive digital platform. For instance, they are proposing numeracy, mathematical, and literacy while different presentation levels in a unique style. This tactic provokes students to learn complicated things with less effort.  Simultaneously, they also offer music and art, which triggers them to find new dimensions of spirit and mental peace. Moreover, they make it captivating while the help of cartoon graphics to uplift the enhancing graph. They not only represent concerns with the literacy graph but also make efforts accordingly because they generate mind-blowing content and increase literacy and educational grades while polishing mental ability through games.

Official Site: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/primary


In this pandemic scenario, the world needs assistance. At this critical time, all are suffering differently, but children are suffering most due to long period lockdown. In the social distancing situation, parents, teachers, or elders need to assist students in continuing their learning. Otherwise, their learning capacity could be rust due to the extended period of academies closure. Online platforms are considering as refugees to keep connected with learnings. That is why most of the online platforms are demonstrating and offering different free or paid educational games to keep them healthy. You can avail of the opportunity from their online education stuff to learn new things while playing games. Similarly, teachers and elders can also take help from their user-friendly features to guide them accordingly. They can also join them or even can get the idea before designing lectures. Because this platform helps them to get diversified learning tactics at one platform. The platform is enhancing students’ interest in learning new things with the help of carton graphics, thought-provoking quizzes, and jaw-dropping puzzles. Moreover, students can make the most of this massive time during the lockdown.

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