What Is QuickBooks and How Can It Help You?

If you’re like most people, you probably struggle to manage—or even understand—the finer details of your finances from time to time. Studies have shown that Americans have a ways to go in terms of financial literacy, with only 30% able to answer simple questions about things like inflation or interest.

It’s no surprise, then, that most of us look for tools to help us automate those financial details. That’s where software like QuickBooks comes in!

If the name rings a bell, you may be wondering, “What is QuickBooks, exactly, and why should I be using it?” Here’s what you should know about this powerful software tool, and how it can help you run your home or business.
What Is QuickBooks and How Can It Help You

What Is QuickBooks?

First founded in 1983, QuickBooks is an accounting software tool designed to help users track and manage their finances. There are several versions of the software available for different users and industry needs, and it’s even available for users in international markets as well.

User-friendly and powerful, QuickBooks offers a number of robust tools. Users have access to easy data migration, transparent banking information, tax calculations, business projections, and even invoice generation software.

Who Uses QuickBooks?

Because QuickBooks offers a robust product lineup, it’s helpful to a range of users.

Entrepreneurs choose it for small business accounting, and freelancers use it to manage their income and finance details. Accountants learn QuickBooks to help track finances and speed up reporting. Many choose to hone their skills through certifications like the ones here:


In addition to its use in professional contexts, QuickBooks can act as personal finance software for home accounting. This makes it a great choice for any private household that wants to keep track of its finances!

How Can QuickBooks Software Help You?

As mentioned above, QuickBooks offers a host of robust tools for business and personal use. Rather than managing the details of your home or business finance in a spreadsheet—or worse, on paper—QuickBooks can automate your efforts and make it easy to understand your finances at a glance. Here are a few ways this software can help:

  • Create and invoices and accept payments
  • Connect your bank and credit card accounts to track expenses
  • Print financial statements and generate month- and year-end financial reports
  • Calculate and run payroll, including federal and state taxes
  • Track your business’s inventory
  • Prepare for tax season
  • Capture and organize your receipts

Whether you’re a private user who needs to keep track of your home’s expenses or a business owner looking for faster ways to manage your cash flow, QuickBooks has the tools to help!

Manage Your Finances With Ease

Now that you’ve stopped wondering, “What is QuickBooks, anyway?” it’s time to take control of your finances. If you’re looking for an intuitive tool to help you manage your home or business accounting, do your research to see whether QuickBooks is right for you! With a little time and effort to learn the ins and outs of the software, you might find that it makes your worst financial chores a breeze to tackle.

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