11 Free Math Apps That Students Should Never Miss

Education in such a way is dependent on technology. In previous years, the continued technological advancements have marvelously changed the educational process. There have been many apps that helped students in learning and developing. The teaching and learning process becomes much fruitful and useful with the cultivation of mathematical apps.

Mathematics studying becomes often too much for the students. Many applications are playable on various gadgets that deliver information and details in various languages.

Many applications are there to support the child and make Mathematics learning a quite easy subject. Let us have a look over the top 11 free math apps which students should never miss. Those are respectively;



This is an impactful and budget-friendly application which is very much essential and suitable for the kids of 4 to 14 years. It offers personalized mathematics applications. The students of kindergarten and elementary school are appropriate for these kinds of applications. The mathematics curriculum which is applicable in the USA or UK aligns with this application. The app helps in the complete preparation of GCSEs.

It can very well be accompanied by the teachers and schools of relative interest. The app can run both on iOS and android. If we try to compare the ratings of this app we will see that it got 4 stars in Google Play and 4.4 stars on the App store.

Rocket Math:

Rocket Math

The Rocket Math application opens doors of various pathways for students towards math problems and solutions. The app is presentable like a game and shows various tricks and methods for conducting various calculations. It increases the speed and aptitude power of any student. It is widely applicable for the students of 6 years to 14 years.

The dashboard provision of the application helps to see the performance of the kid. The app can functionally run on only iOS devices. Android is not fit for this app. If we tally the ratings of this app we will see that it got 2.9 stars on the App Store. The application also offers various missions and tests so that the students can achieve them in a certain period.

Komodo Math:

Komodo Math

Komodo Math is such an app which makes the mathematical problems easy to solve and where parents and teachers can come along to mutually share their problems. The app always respects the way of tutoring. It is affordable with a free trial of 14 days where all the children from 5 years to 11 years can easily learn their desired lessons.

The app offers a personalized and performance-dependent learning curve. It follows the broadways of the UK national education curriculum. There is a personalized dashboard that helps in tracking the kid’s progress. It is applicable to android and iOS.

When we come down to the rating stage we will see that there are 2.7 stars on App Store and 3.6 stars on the google play.

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IXL Math App:

IXL Math App

In order to develop, nurture, and nourish mathematics skills this app can be absolutely irreplaceable. It covers various skills in mathematical problem-solving. It offers the provision of a vivid reporting system for performance and various questions for practice.

The app will offer various certificates and awards for properly maintaining stable performance. Public and home school learners can get enough benefit from the app alongshore it provides a free trial for families at a low subscription charge. It goes in alignment with the curriculum of the US education system.

The app can successfully run on android and iOS. Once we come down to ratings we will see that it has 4.4 stars on App Store and 3.4 stars on Google Play.

Math 8: Talk Math with Leon:

Math 8 Talk math with Leon

The application is basically a real-life involvement of kids with visual and audio. The primary feature of the application is a talking character namely lemon which plays, guides, and teaches kids. The lemon is the test of measurements of whether the kids or happy or sad. It offers various challenges, awards, and certifications upon successful completion of the activities.

The app delves deep into psychology. There is a dashboard to measure the kid’s performance scale. It doesn’t necessitate personal data. Also, there are no provisional advertisements in between the application process. The application is best suited for the kids between the age group of 8 years to 14 years.

The app runs comfortably on iOS devices and possesses a total of 4 stars in the App store.

Math Facts Mahjong:

Math Facts Mahjong

This application is basically a teaching method of various mathematical problems and queries through Mahjong Solitaire. It offers multiple developments of arithmetic and authentic skills through playful ways. It also offers various kinds of entertainment dependent game through strategy and skills.

The arithmetic application of this application is a showcase of well-nurtured games through unique visual and gameplay. There are various customized options for learning exciting methods and applications for students.

The app both renders the presence of a hint option and undo option so that the students can change or alter if they are stuck in the wrong place or made a wrong move.

It has the supreme authority and ability to get shared between various family members where it is occasionally very good for the kids between the age group of 6 years to 12 years.

The application is only suitable in Android and as far as the ratings are concerned it has got 4+ stars on App Store and 3+ stars on Google Play.

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Sumaze Primary: 

Sumaze Primary

This is a kind of application where you can practice and solve mathematical puzzles and in itself, the application is inclusive of solving various arithmetic problems like certain calculations. It provides certain powers and remembrance to the students in enhancing their thinking capability and solving mathematical skills. The mathematical problem-solving skills will automatically nourish where brain training and functioning will be enriched.

The user interface and graphics of the app are luring as well as there are no problems with advertisements and in midst application purchases. The app possesses 4+ stars on App Store and 3+ stars on Google Play. The application is both applicable and suitable in Android and iOS.

Splash Math App: 

Splash Math App

Splash Math App can be considered as a first-grade mathematical application that is inclusive of interactive and visual mathematical problems. It particularly revolves around the basic school curriculum of first grade.

It often assists in enhancing and solving the core mathematical problems through the mode of explaining place value, addition, counting, comparing, data processing, and arrangement of graphs.

The app automatically offers an explanation of the wrong attempts of the kids. It also offers the provision of a personalized dashboard where real-time progress monitoring can be checked and visualized.

The sound quality, effects along graphics in high definition can be considered commendable in this application. It also offers virtual rewards for the motivation the kids incur upon.

When we come down to ratings we can observe that it has got 3 stars on the Android App store and 4.5 stars on the app store as it is both applicable on Android and iOS.

MyScript Calculator:

MyScript Calculator

It is specifically regarded as the application for older kids to solve mathematical problems. It provides real-time mathematical solutions and permits kids to handwrite their personal questions to obtain quick answers. It is a real-time math soluble application that is best for the ecosystem as no pen or paper is utilized for this.

The app is appropriate for high school kids and exclusively utilized by the members only. Many mathematical operations and functions can be solved and built here. Although the app offers the presence of undo and redo functionalities.

As per the rating, the app has got 4.7 stars on Google Play and 4.3 stars on the App Store as it is both operable in Android and iOS.

Math Bakery 1:

Math Bakery 1

Math Bakery 1 can be considered as an interactive, productive, and entertaining application that prefers the involvement of the kids between the age group of 7 to 10 years. The kids can play with friends and they can see respectively any highest score to topmost score. In the mid-range also they can verify any result.

It comes in an altogether package of 12 games and enlightens the power of self-confidence, determination, and problem-solving potentiality within the children.

However, when we come down to the rating it has got only 1 star on the App Store but 3+ stars on Google Play. Although it is only applicable to Android.

Photo Math App:

Photo Math App

Photo Math Apps can be best regarded to helpfully scan math equations in handwritten and print format. It has an in-built function of advanced scientific calculators. It also offers a detailed step by step solution format for any student where various methods are provided for attaining the particular yet similar model.

It has the potential of supporting multiple languages as well as it works without any internet connection. So basically it ends up offering the graphical solution to any problem.

The application is only suitable in Android and it has a presence of 4 ratings out of 5 by the users.


Apart from the above-mentioned, there are multiple mathematics applications in the stores but the above are handpicked best of the lot through which the vision of your children will transform and grow in solving various mathematical problems.

The kids become friends with these applications.

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