How to Score 70+ in Math for JEE Exam?

JEE Main 2021 examination is about to be conducted soon. And, are you still worried about the right preparation strategy?

Mathematics is the easiest way of scoring good marks in JEE only when you have practiced it. Students consider it to be lengthy but rather it requires rigorous practice. If you have not started studying Mathematics seriously yet, we are here to help you prepare it in a very short span of time. This year JEE has given opportunities with open hands by offering 4 sessions to attempt the test among which the best will be considered.

How to Score 70+ in Math for JEE Exam

As the remaining time is very less, it is very important that you manage the time in such a manner that you can give extra attention to the more scoring topics and score well.

Do a thorough analysis of topics that are asked frequently in JEE every year. Analyze the previous year’s papers well to get a gist of the questions asked in the exam. Focus on those topics more. Also, understand the exam pattern well so that you have clarity about that before appearing in the final exam. Start with NCERT to build confidence and solve it on priority and skip to some other study material or books. Try to make a sheet for Chapterwise Maths Formulas for JEE Main Exam and keep revising them.

Start with those topics for which you are very sure about or the topics which you have gone through previously and have some knowledge or idea about. This will help you boost up your confidence and you can mark checks in your list as completed.

Tips to Prepare Math For JEE Main Exam

Focus on Strengths:

Focus on the topics that you feel confident about. Somebody may have calculus as his/her strength and somebody may have geometry as his/her strength. Try to solve more questions on these topics.

Avoid Starting New Topics:

In the last few days, you should avoid starting a new topic. Prioritize on revising the short notes, solve previously marked important questions and previous year questions. Starting a new topic may lead to stress as you may not be able to complete it in the time left. You can brush up on important formulas of all the topics.

Most Scoring Topics :

Here is the list of several topics you can prepare at the last moment to secure at least 70+ marks in mathematics individually.

Complex numbers
Vectors 3D
Definite integral
Coordinate geometry

Keep at least 75-80 minutes individually for the mathematics section during the examination.

Books to be Prefered:

Keep NCERT as the first priority. The concept given in NCERT is likely to be asked more. You can also practice previous year questions from various sites and can refer to books like TMH, S N Loney, etc.

Work on Speed:

As a limited time is available for each section in the paper. Work on your calculation speed as well. Try to avoid silly calculation mistakes in order to save time.

Time Management:

Avoid wasting time. For that, you need to manage time in such a manner that you do not deviate from the set priorities. Avoid those questions which could cost you a lot of time. Be Smart in choosing questions. Make a schedule where you should give a minimum of 3 hours to each subject.

Take Mocks:

The best thing you can do to polish your concepts and make a better understanding is to take mock tests. Try to take the Jee Main Mock Test for Math and complete it in a set time frame. And see the solutions and analyze the mistakes so that you do not do that in the final exam.

Don’t Skip the Topics:

Cover the topics one by one rather than jumping on multiple ones at the same time and make a mixture of all the topics.

Positive Attitude:

Keep an attitude that things will be done in your favor, avoid negative thoughts because they might lead you to overthink and lest you will end up doing nothing. You should avoid being anxious and panic at the last moments. It can hamper your performance.

Balanced Diet and Proper Sleep:

Focus on a healthy diet and a schedule with proper sleep hours to enhance the productivity of your mind. Avoid carbonated drinks, junk foods and prefer fresh fruits. It will keep your brain active.

Use the last 20 days judiciously and you will surely score 70+ in Mathematics in JEE Mains.

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