Career Options After 12th Commerce

Even a few years ago, parents used to discourage their wards from studying the subject of Commerce after passing the 10th board exams. They felt that there was little scope to have a bright future in studying commerce. However, with many avenues opening up due to the demand of time more and more students are going for the commerce stream after the 1oth board exams. A host of opportunities have opened up in the field of Commerce, and one can have many career options after passing out the 12th board with commerce stream. There are many streams and areas of study that a commerce student can opt for and be a winner. Let us discuss some of them that one can shape up the career in the right direction and be a winner.

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Career Options After 12th Commerce One Can Have

Any student should select their career options judiciously so that the subject is learned with interest to fulfill their dreams and give them the wings. Let us throw some light on the career options that one can have after 12th Commerce.

1. B.COM, Bachelor Of Commerce Degree Course:

The maximum number of students pursues the B.Com course to be a graduate after 12th Commerce. It is a three years degree course that opens up many doors in I future related to Commerce and finance. The students garner in-depth knowledge in accounting, economics, law, marketing, statistics, business organization, and many other subjects. On completion of the graduation course, they can move to hone up their educational skills ding various other courses to shape up their career further. One can also do a master’s degree after completing the graduation course.

2. BBA or Bachelor Of Business Administration:

With the opening of many avenues for education that a commerce student can study, BBA is another option. The educational system in the country is changing very fast, and Universities are putting stress on professional and vocational courses to make the youth industry oriented. The BBA course has a duration of 3 years where the student is taught about the ticks of business, marketing, and administration. One can master all the facts of business as the student gather knowledge on business methodologies and other business aspects. They can also go for an MBA degree or diploma course after becoming a Bachelor of Business Administration.

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3. Graduation In Economics:

Economics has always been one of the key subjects to the students of Commerce. Many commerce students, after passing out 12th standard enroll themselves for doing a bachelor’s course in economics. It can be considered as a specialized course where a student learns about the Macro and Microeconomic theories, international trade, statistics, Indian economics, Agricultural economics and many more. They also learn the analytical methods, various economic concepts, and models and get to know about the researches. It is also a three years course and can open up many doors for further career building

4. Bachelor Of Law or LLB:

Law has been one of the most prestigious subjects to study. One can study law after passing out the 12th standard with Commerce and become a lawyer. The course is of 5 years duration, and students can specialize in financial legislation, constitutional laws, banking laws, property laws, and civil and criminal laws. One can join many organizations as a law officer after completing the graduation degree or can practice on their own. Although many universities teach the course, it is overlooked by the Bar Council of India, the parent body of the lawyers.

List of Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

1. Company Secretary or CS:

CS is one of the toughest yet sought after courses that many commerce students pursue after completing the 12th board exam with Commerce. It is one of the best professional courses that can lead to getting a blue collared job after successful completion. The Institute of Company Secretaries in India or the ICSI conducts the course, and it is divided into many chapters. A student can learn legal compliance and understand the functioning of the companies and after passing out can bag some of the most prestigious jobs in the country.

2. CFP or Certified Financial Planner:

Those students who have passed the 12th board exams with Commerce and are interested in the field of wealth management, mutual fund investments, personal finance, insurance planning can go for this course and become a portfolio manager or advisor for others. They can work in any organization or can work independently, giving financial pieces of advice to their clients, or managing their financial goals to meet future demand. They help people advising them to invest properly and give specific inputs of various fields of investments as per income.

3. Chartered Accountancy or CA:

 It is another prestigious course like CS and is controlled by The Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India or the ICAI. It is entirely a professional course conducted by ICAI, and the pass outs are recognized as a member or a fellow of a professional body that has granted the Royal Charter. The Chartered Accountants are responsible for providing accounting and financial services to clients like auditing the accounts, corporate financing, forensic audits and many more. One can also enroll in any other degree course in Commerce and continue doing this professional course at the same time without any obligations. One can complete the course in a minimum four and a half years after passing out the 12th board exam.

4. CMA or Cost and Management Accountant:

 It is another professional course that a student can pursue after 12th Commerce. They deeply learn subjects like Costing, management accounting, and controlling and planning. The Institute of Cost Accountant conducts the CMA course, and one can join any other degree course at the same time to hone up the career prospects to a much extent. The structure of the curse is somewhat similar, like CA & CS course, and it takes a minimum of three years to pass and get certified.

Short Term Courses After 12th Commerce

1. Journalism and Mass Communication:

With the digital and the print media shaping up in a new way almost daily and more and more and more newspapers and channels being launched, a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication can help a student to get an excellent job as a journalist, columnist and reporter. The students are taught on the subject of economics, political science, sociology, photography, media ethics, creative writing, and many more. It is a three years degree course and is taught in many colleges affiliated to various universities. The job prospects after passing out the graduation course are lucrative, and one can pursue this degree course after passing 12th with Commerce.

2. Hotel Management:

 After passing out the 12th standard with Commerce, if a student is looking for a vocational course that can give them a bright career prospect, then a degree in Hotel management is going to help. Various universities conduct the course, and the duration of the course varies from 3 to 5 years. Those who want to join the hospitality or the hotel sector should go for this course. With the travel and tourism sector growth in the country, there is a vast opportunity to bag some of the good jobs both in private as well as government sectors and earn handsomely.

3. Digital Marketing Diploma:

The world of marketing is changing drastically, and it is digital marketing that is replacing the age-old concepts. With the internet penetrating in every corner of the world, there has been a profound change in marketing strategies. One can enroll for a diploma course in digital marketing after passing out the 12th standard with Commerce and be a part of the digital marketing revolution. The digital marketing manager gets much more pay than traditional marketing managers. Almost all companies are trying hard to be in the limelight and increase their revenues with online sales and publicity. The duration of the course depends on the institute providing the diploma, and it can extend up to two years. One can also pursue the basic B.Com course along with this course, and there is no obligation.

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Time has changed, and Commerce that was considered for the laggards is in the news. With many career options after passing 12th standard with Commerce, a student can have a bright future. It is not only science or humanities that can open up the doors of success, but Commerce can give significant opportunities to any aspiring students to fulfill their career goals. The high cut-off marks of various colleges for various subjects that a student can choose to study, prove that a student of Commerce can have plenty of opportunities to shape up their career. It is no more clerical jobs that all think of but can give the wings to the dreams. One should be good in studies and be serious in learning any of the above subjects and feel the difference after passing out. However, students should always consult their parents and teachers to clear all doubts before enrolling in any of the above subjects to have a bright career.

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