Top 5 Educational Podcast you Should Listen Daily

Podcasting is booming now. In the US,6 out of 10 people listen to podcasts daily and this number is increasing rapidly year -over -year. It is expected that, by end of 2025, there will be more than 145 million listeners alone in the US. That’s Huge!

educational podcast

Why Do People Choose to Listen to Podcasts Rather than Video or Text?

You can listen to podcast Episode’s while doing anything cooking, walking, driving, exercising, etc.

Currently, podcasting platforms have less distraction compare to other social media platforms.

You don’t get multiples ads in the middle of a conversation like you found on YouTube.

So, podcasts can be a great source of consuming educational information without getting into the of trap distraction.

Here I’ve compiled Top 5 podcasts that you can listen to daily to enhance your knowledge and skills. This recommendation is based on my personal experience.

It might be helpful or full of scrap for you depending on your need. Check out these podcasts episodes if you find them convenient, keep listening otherwise go for other recommendations.

1. 7 Good minutes daily self-improvement podcast:

7 good minutes daily self improvement

As Show Name of the podcast is Explaining it. This is 7 minutes long show which you can listen to daily for self-improvement. This podcast is hosted by Clyde Lee Denis. One thing I liked most about this podcast is, you get clips of the best motivational speeches of successful people in 7 minutes .and these are worth listening to for self-growth.

You will find useful clips of personalities like Tony Robbin, Robin Sharma, Simon Sneak, and more…

Check out this podcast on:

Apple podcast:  Listen Now

Spotify: Listen Now

2. School of Greatness by Lewis Howes:

the school of greatness

School of greatness is one of the Best self-improvement podcasts out in the podcast directories. This podcast is hosted by Lewis Howes, are former athlete, business coach, and keynote speaker.

Currently, this podcast has more than 1100 episodes which had been downloaded more than 100 million+times. Its episode is of both formats (Solo and Interview type ) where you get content regarding Health, mindset, entrepreneurship, relationship, and more …

Business personalities like Tony Robbin, Jack canfield, Mel Robbin, Ariana Huffington, and more have featured on School of greatness in past. It is one of the top 100 ranked Itunes podcasts which has more than 7500 5 star ratings (Which is A lot ).

Check out this podcast on:

Apple podcast: Listen Now

Spotify: Listen Now

3. Brendon Show:

the brendon show

Brendon Burchard is one of the most 100 followed people around the world. According to Forbes

“ Richard Burchard is world’s high-performance coach” and Success Magazine named him”

“ Top 25 Most influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement ”

He talks about the following topics on his podcast, videos, and courses

  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Productivity
  • Habits
  • Mind and more …

This Podcast has been downloaded more than 60 million+ times and it is worth listening to for self-improvement.

Check out this podcast on:

Apple Podcast: Listen Now

Spotify: Listen Now

4. Beyond To-do list by Erik Fisher:

beyond the to do list

This is a Productivity or Time management-based Podcast as you may understand from its title and artwork. Beyond to-do list was started by Erik Fisher who is a productivity expert.

This podcast is for those who want to learn the art of managing time. If you’re a business owner and you wear all your business, this podcast is for you. You will find a lot of helpful tips for the management of your time. As business owners, we have responsibility for each field of marketing, content creation, technical problem, and a lot more.

To work with full productivity and without stress, it is needed you plan your working Schedule. Otherwise, you’ll find “Nothing Done” at the end of the day. This problem is common among entrepreneurs or solopreneur,” I’ve experienced it too “ .This podcast can be a great solution for that.

Check out this podcast on:

Apple Podcast : Listen Now

Spotify : Listen Now

5. Mindset Motivation by Rob Dial:

the mindset mentor

Mindset Motivation is another best Self -improvement podcast out in the podcasting Space . This podcast was started by Rob Dial-in 2015 and it has more than 1 million listeners per month.

You will get new episodes each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday regarding mindset, Health, Productivity, online business, etc, and additionally one long form of the episode every Thursday named “Business Edition “.This is a discussion episode between Rob Dial and his friend. You will find a lot of helpful tips for your business in Business Edition.

I will definitely recommend checking out this podcast. It is worth tuning in.

Check out this podcast on:

Apple podcast: Listen Now

Spotify: Listen Now

Final Thought

Podcasting can be a great way to learn or explore new things. You can listen to your favorite creator on walking with your dog while preparing your favorite dish or during car driving. Do you know, an average American spends 101 minutes or more in-car driving or standing in Queue, why not use this time to learn something.

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My name is Suchit Yadav and I’m writer at .A blog Where you found helpful Resources for your Mathematics Preparation.

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