All About Fashion Designing Course

With change being the only strategic possibility in almost every industry with the march of time and change in taste, the fashion industry is also changing at a rapid pace. With 360 degrees change going on in this sector, there is a high demand for fashion designers. More and more institutes are coming up to fill the gap in the market, and the supply and one can have a great career prospect with a course in fashion designing. There is no dearth of talents in the country willing to turn their imaginations in this creative and experimental field, and a course in fashion designing can hone up the skills to a great extent and give right exposure to aspiring fashion designers. If one is looking to pursue a fashion designing course, it is better to know the same in detail to that here is no confusion.

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An Idea About Fashion Designing Course

The fashion design curse mainly focuses on honing up the skills for creating and constructing garments of many different styles. There are many premier institutes spread across the country to groom the young talents and have a certificate, diploma or degree in fashion designing. One can go for mastering fashion designing, fashion merchandising and related work areas.

Depending o the structure of the course he tenure can be between one to four years. One can pass the high school or the 12th board exam to join the bachelor’s degree course in fashion designing. One can have any educational qualifications to join any of the certificate or diploma courses on the subject.

As fashion designing is bringing the creativity and uniqueness of the dresses, the aspiring designers must have completed some hands-on projects. These hands-on projects give them an idea from the beginning and finishing of garment making. They are also required to showcase their portfolios of the creations made. Even some of the premier institutes in the country organize the fashion shows. They try that the students gain in confidence of working after passing out. Fashion designing is purely an “arts” subject that focuses on bringing out the creativity, fashion illustration, creative designing, fitting, pattern drafting and relationship between fashion and art.

The Structure Of the Fashion Designing Course

The young Turks who have joined in the fashion designing curse and are dreaming of being top-notch fashion designers are taught in the basics of construction. The students learn how a dress is made using different clothes. One get to master the art of cutting, fabric, seams, and stitches so that a dress or clothing is created. The instructors groom them with the hands-on training and brainstorm with the students about any alterations that can create a unique garment.

One gets to gather knowledge about different fabrics and other textile materials that can be used in creating a garment. A fashion designing course does not only teach about the cuts and the stitches but puts stress on the materials and the accessories that can turn a combination of fabrics into a great fashion garment. One can get to know about silk, cotton, wool, spandex and many more types of materials that can be used in combination to make a dress that will be popular with the consumers.

With the introduction of pattern making in the fashion designing course, students in the initial stages of learning are taught and trained in making patterns that are used to make garments. One learns how to create master patterns so that they can be used in making a variety of garments. One even learns to sew clothing using the patterns made by creative minds.

The process of tailoring is the actual working of sewing and fitting the garments. Students here learn how to use various patterns and the objective of using them to give a perfect fit for the consumer. No human figures have identical body structure. Some are tall, some short, some are slim while many are healthy and fat. The jugglery of the mind and the hands with the patterns play a significant role for the students enrolled in a fashion designing course to adjust the clothes according to body shape and size and make them perfectly fitting. One learns about the prevailing industry standards and the norms and use of industrial-type sewing machines to create clothing in volumes.

With the inroads of computer technology almost in every filed, fashion designing is not left out of the list. One needs to master the Computer Assisted Drawing or CAD of fashion designing so that the patterns are easily created, understand the use of different fabrics and visualize graphically on the computer screen of the final creation. They are able to alter the designs viewing the graphics so that the margin of errors is minimized during commercial production. No Sabyasachi or Rohit Bahl is born in a single day. One must remember that fashion designing needs continuous thinking, experimenting with fabrics and ideas, mastering the technical designs to give shape to a final product. When creativity and imaginations are punched with knowledge and technical nitty-gritty’s, only stunning clothing rolls out of the desk of a fashion designer.

While joining a fashion designing course, one should keep in mind that creating portfolios with the designs made to make a garment and showcasing them proves the knowledge on the subject, the abilities, and skills. One needs to make a collection of dresses and needs to work as an intern with the runaway production house and master the art of showcasing the final product. Students working as an intern, learn about lighting, music to create the perfect ambiance of the show as well as fitting the models with unique creations. The runaway shows often turns to be a path-breaking solution for becoming a renowned fashion designer in the future.

The Scope Of Earning After Completed Fashion Designing Course

As one completes a fashion designing course from a reputed institution, new doors open up. One can earn handsomely working in any textile industry, fashion deigning house or an independent fashion designer. Today fashion designing has gone beyond designing clothes, and there is enormous scope in designing shoes and other accessories. One can have handsome earnings as there is a massive demand from the industry. The pass out students are mainly absorbed in manufacturing and wholesale fashion establishments, retailers, apparel companies and many well-known fashion magazines. Although the working schedules are fast-paced as fashion does not stay for long and changes shortly, the earnings are handsome. However, if one wants to be an independent fashion designer and go for a startup, it takes a bit more time before the connoisseurs of fashion notice the works and creations. Almost one-fourth of the fashion designers get employments in apparel, notion market wholesale industry, piece goods industry. Another one-fourth are self-employed, and they show up their mark working independently within a few years of passing out and experimenting with the subjects. The balance 50% of the fashion designers get employed in managerial posts in various companies and organizations, and the big chunk of it is the retail companies. Many are employed with video and motion pictures industries designing need-based costumes. The apparel and accessories industries also absorb qualified fashion designers in their payroll.   Hence, there is no shortage of work while thinking to pursue a course in fashion designing.

To become a successful fashion designer after completing any course related to the subject, one should have artistic ability, creative mind, communication skills, and decision-making skills. They should also have some decision-making skills and should be knowledgeable about detailed orientation. However, the course structure is such that many of the above qualifications are honed up while pursuing a fashion designing course in any of the premier institutes.


With the completion of a fashion designing course, one can easily earn a handsome living. There is no shortage of work in this section for creative minds with sharp eyes. Fashion changes shortly, and there is always rolling out of new fashion. These are the brainchild of the designers who have done a fashion designing course and are experimenting with it. With the industry support and consumers looking for new fashions, there are enormous demands for good fashion designers worldwide.  If one is having some of the instincts like a creative mind, sharp eye, excellent observation power, and imaginative capacity, then a fashion designing course is one of the most suitable courses. There is no looking back if one completes the course from a reputed school or college. The world is changing fast, so is fashion. One should not mix fashion with style as the former has a short self-life while style presents the personality of the person. However, it is the fashion that helps to get the style statement of a person. It is time for many to think of joining a fashion design course after passing the 12th board exams. The scope of earning is excellent, and the career prospects are bright. It is time to join the bet institutes parting fashion designing courses. Start making people look fashionable with unique creations.

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