Pharma: A Career Option in Great Demand

Wondering if you must take admission to a B. Pharmacy course? Well, in this blog we have explored a few reasons why B. Pharmacy is the right choice for those looking for a bright career ahead. Read on to know more about the B. Pharma degree course and the rising demand for pharmacy across the globe.

pharma career

The field of pharmacy has a wide scope and is a great career option, filled with many lucrative opportunities. According to Health and Pharmaceuticals: Statistica, the pharmacy industry has experienced significant growth during the previous decades and is projected to reach two trillion U.S. dollars by the year 2030. With such great numbers, admission to this academic field makes up for a prospective career for students.

With a B. Pharma degree under the belt, you will be able to find employment in diverse work settings. However, as a pharmacist, you will be primarily surrounded by patients. Your job role may span across different healthcare environments including inpatient, ambulatory, as well as the community.

Life becomes an adventure with the diverse roles available for a pharmacist and the people you get to interact with, coming from all walks of life. Besides providing medicines, as a pharmacist, you will engage in additional services, such as:

  • Cholesterol screening;
  • Asthma care;
  • Smoking cessation consultation;
  • Blood pressure monitoring services;
  • Bone density scans;
  • Diabetes disease management.

Pharmacists also focus on helping patients to feel better. These professionals are perceived as medication specialists and are well equipped to make individuals feel better about their physical or mental condition.

Well, you should also know that pharmacists play a vital role in building strong medication adherence. B. Pharma candidates are trained to imbibe cultural competence including language, lifestyle, diet, and other elements that can facilitate the patient evaluation and dependence on medicines as prescribed by the physician.

Pharmacy is a diverse career with its scope spanning development, scientific research, entrepreneurship, and patient care. This further emphasizes the fact that post-degree completion a huge variety of job roles awaits each student.

You can choose to work at a retail pharmacy, either in a community or healthcare facility. Alternatively, you can find employment in the pharmaceutical industry, conduct scientific research, or even teach at an academic institution.

A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy will provide you with the privilege of stable employment and flexible work hours throughout your career. The increasing need for pharmacists is vast and keeps on increasing, therefore you can expect to experience both the strictness and leisure hour in this career, not to mention the money!

After earning a B Pharma qualification, graduates can begin their professional journey through an early career job role, eventually move to key leadership positions across different divisions of the healthcare system. Browse our website to find a wide range of choices of B pharma courses and apply to a program best suited to your interest. Send in your applications today.

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