Top 9 Ways to Utilize Your Free Time by Learning Hobbies Online

Pursuing a hobby is a refreshing and enriching way to spend your free time, and the biggest boon of the internet is the umpteen learning opportunity it offers for avid learners across the board. 

In relation to that, with this article, we will learn about 9 awesome hobbies you can engage in during your free time. It will be a refreshing break from your work and the long to-do list you need to get over before you call it a day.

Online hobby classes make learning possible irrespective of your time and geographical constraints. It also allows you to learn from the best mentors and free lifelong access to learning materials. You can choose between pre-recorded and live courses, group or individual learning sessions, and several other facilities that will give you the best learning experience ever. 

Ways to Utilize Your Free Time by Learning Hobbies Online

Below Are the Top 9 Ways to Utilize Your Free Time by Learning Hobbies Online

1. Learn to Make Photorealistic Drawing:

For folks who love to express themselves through art, learning Photorealistic drawings has been the latest fancy! Wondering what photorealistic drawing is? Those are the portraits or landscapes etched on a canvas using pen, pencil, colors, and brushes. The only thing is that, with a slight variation of strokes, these get lives into them as an HD photograph clicked through the lenses. Be it a flower petal, wings or beak of a bird, a facial feature, or raindrops on the window pane – are as real as a photograph. These are the tricks and techniques to learn in the photorealistic drawing classes. Having a background in art is okay but not a mandate.

2. Enroll in a Hindustani Music Class:

If you want to turn heads and pull attention, even in the middle of a crowd, just start singing a melodious song. Trust me. You can cast a spell. You can weave magic in the air if you can sing. And just like rhythm and beats, music is also a part of our existence. By joining online Hindustani music classes or Western music lessons, you can acquire a skill that can win hearts. And more importantly, you engage with the best lifelong activity, or should we call it a friend for life. Like any other hobby, singing also has got myriads of benefits. It improves your focus, enhances your confidence level, and helps to destress. So, pick your favorite genre of music and get started.

3. Learn Hip Hop Dance:

This one is for people with a spring in their feet. At the top of the Wishlist for many, this dance form is high energy-intensive and technique-driven. Some of the basic steps of Hip Hop dance style include kick cross step, arm waves, body roll, and chest pop, among others. And some basic dance styles that you learn in your hip hop classes include – locking and popping, break dance, stepping, and krumping, among others. Hence, if you aspire to learn hip hop and impress your audience through your moves, find a course online and get started. 

4. Learn to Play Chess:

Chess is known to stimulate your brain! One of the mind games that has caught the fancy of the mightiest of warriors and emperors for years. Chess is still the most favored game for thought leaders and top honchos of companies. It helps to develop focus, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities and enhances memory and creativity. There are no eligibility criteria to get started with learning chess online. There is a curriculum available for all age groups. And individual online classes also provide customized course curriculums to suit the learning capacities of the students.   

5. Learn a New Language: 

The ability to grasp new languages is one of a rare traits. The best language grasping ability comes from the children. It is very spontaneous for them. However, it does not mean that adults cannot learn a new language. They are umpteen online language classes with customizable course curricula for everyone. Learning a new language enhances the brain’s capacity to grasp the latest information. It enhances communication and spatial skills. It boosts your confidence level and creativity. It helps to develop an inclusive approach toward the targeted language and culture.

6. Pick a Percussion Instrument:

Beats and rhythm have an incredible influence on our physical and mental health. That is because our complete existence relies on a beat and rhythm. There is a rhythmic pattern in the way we breathe or our hearts beat. There is a rhythm in the rain and in the winds that blow. Rhythm is a part of us and everything around us. Hence rhythmic instruments affect us in a positive manner. You could pick any instrument from the number of options including drums, tabla, mridangam, dholki, or cymbals.

7. Start Crocheting:

People who crochet, admit it to be therapeutic. It calms your mind while giving you creative satisfaction. It is very soothing for a disturbed mind. Crocheting helps you to gather your thoughts. And at the same time, you can create beautiful patterns using yarns and a crochet needle. From a small coin purse to decorative pieces to even full-fledged apparel, there is no limit to it. Picking up crocheting as a hobby is inexpensive yet extremely rewarding. Just give it a try! 

8. Enroll in a Guitar Class:

Playing guitar is an aspiration for many music enthusiasts. It nourishes your mind while empowering you with an incredible skill to impress people. There are online guitar classes available for students with diverse proficiency levels. Right from something as basic as the correct way to hold the guitar or the body posture while playing to rendering complex compositions with confidence – everything is taught in these classes. You can even check out A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Bass Guitar to learn how to play the beginner level of bass effectively.

9. Learn Photography:

Time flies – they say! But the moments can be captured through the lenses of a camera. It can also reveal how you view the world. It is an expressive art like painting. Once you understand the relationship between light and lenses and discover how to play with them from different angles – you can’t give it up. It is definitely satisfying to transform completely mundane-looking things around yourself into a work of art merely by capturing them through the camera lenses! Photography is a hobby that will become an obsession once you realize its true essence.


The most successful people in the world have been avid learners all their lives! They have always believed that the moment their learning stops, their growth will also stop. Learning new things and acquiring new skills also slow down the aging process. Discussed above are some of the best ways to spend your time that keep you entertained and help you improve in all areas of life.             

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