SEO – Career Path Unclear? Here’s a Three-Step Solution When You’re Feeling Stuck!

Everyone encounters a phase wherein it feels like a huge cloud is hanging over the head. The only thought there is is how perplexed and unhappy one is.  You too might have, some time or the other, felt stuck. Stuck in your mundane routine, stuck doing things that no longer make your creative juices flow. You just can’t seem to know how you’re supposed to move on.

On one hand, you’re thinking about quitting, on the next you’re evaluating if you should just stay put. You’re applying for jobs and sending out resumes, but you’re unsure if you are ready to move on just yet. You can’t clear out the haywire of things you’re entangled in.

To Help You Out, Here Is a Three-step Process That Can Come to Your Use

1. Declutter:

Figuring the root cause of the way you’re feeling is the key. If you want to become unstuck, the first step is to figure out why you’re stuck in the first place. This requires asking some hard questions about yourself. For example, are you feeling afraid to change industries because you’re scared you may fail? Are you waiting for your boss to give you a promotion and it’s causing you to consider staying? Are you feeling the pressure to get a new job as quickly as possible to avoid unsolicited opinions and advice? 

It’s easy to walk around saying, “I feel stuck,” because all it requires from you is to fret about it. But to actually move on, you first have to be willing to ask yourself the hard questions to get some clarity on why you are in this state.

2. Decide:

Having gotten to the bottom of your feelings, you will realise that you kind of already know what you want to do. All you need to do is to make a strategy for your decision a thought-out, firm one. For example, if the fear of changing industries is holding you back, you might want to work harder to hone your skills. If the fear of a new work environment is scaring you, delve into researching your options thoroughly. If the hope of promotion is making you stay, figure out how long exactly you will be waiting for it. Your decision could be to put yourself on a deadline: “I’m going to give my all to this position for the next 6 months and if I don’t receive a promotion by [specific date], I’m going to dedicate 100% to my job search.”

3. Trust the Process:

Once you’ve untangled the situation and devised a robust solution, you will realize that you have become more confident than ever. Now, all there’s left is for you to work your strategy and have faith in your decision. Keep in mind that nothing happens overnight and everything is done in multiple baby steps. So, keep taking the steps necessary to move forward, and be willing to trust the process with a good headspace. 

Getting unstuck starts with you. You’re the one who is in control of your career and you must take responsibility to change its course s and when required. 

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