Scope of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Are you talking about the Six Sigma Certification Course? Yes, you got that right. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is the most celebrated course that is being considered by several learning enthusiasts of the modern world. It briefs you about every fact, principle, application, and some major hacks and tricks about having a stronghold on functional aspects of the firm. 

The certification is highly acclaimed and accepted globally. Which means you are bound to receive global exposure to opportunities. Moreover, the firms opt for professionals that are highly skilled and essentially well known to the world of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. 

Continue to scroll down and know what else Six Sigma Black Belt Certification has in store for you to offer.
Scope of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

What is Six Sigma Certification Course? 

So what exactly is this Six Sigma Certification Course? Am I eligible for the course? What are its key points? Is it going to help me in the long run of my career? Is it globally acclaimed? 

Well, let us begin this section by answering all your above questions one by one. Beginning with the very first one, what is Six Sigma Black Belt Certification? 

It is a specialized course that will be training you with everything that is directly or indirectly related to managing a firm. Managing comes with a huge responsibility. It is not just you acting, it is the entire film acting. How you manage the team, how you lead them, how you bring the best out of your team that can be beneficial to you as well as your firm, and several similar associated stuff are made one to one with the learner practicing the course.

A professional who is Six Sigma Black Belt Certified needs to possess the qualities of a team leader, a planner, and most importantly understand the Six Sigma philosophies and principles associated with running a firm effectively. The certified professional should also be known to the environment of using several tools and tactics that can multiply the functioning of the firm. 

Now it’s time that we try our hands-on understanding of the key points of this special certification. This will give you an idea if you should be enrolling in the specialized program or not. 

Key Points:

  1. Opportunity to learn anything and everything associated with statistical inference that is based on decision-making and data-driven problem-solving skills. 
  2. Receive 35 PDUs i.e. Professional Development Unit that is essentially important and necessary to maintain your PMP Certification. 
  3. Opportunity to demonstrate your ability to do the root cause analysis and solving Complex Business Challenges using 20 or more management tools. 
  4. Chance to take your Business acumen and commitment in order to improve the quality of working. 

The other important aspect that you surely might want to know is the eligibility criteria for your Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course. Understanding the eligibility will help you analyze the course better and will also give you an idea if you should be enrolling your time and effort or not. 

Am I Eligible For the Certification Course? 

To be eligible for the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification you need to fulfill the below-given criteria. 

1. Candidates must compulsorily have full-time (Paid) working experience. 

( Note:- Paid internships, Co-Op, or any other course work will not be considered. ) 

2. Minimum 3 Years of Job Experience in one or more areas of CSSBB, Body of Knowledge, and one or more completed projects with a signed affidavit. 

So now that you have enough information on the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, let us now get into the depth of understanding of how beneficial it can be for an individual. 

The very first point we would want to begin with is that enrolling in this particular program is going to be not only beneficial but very beneficial, personally as well as professionally. The certification is accepted globally and tends to open unlimited opportunities for you as an individual. 

Moreover, the management tactics involved in the course help you plan and direct ventures better. So even if in the future you tend to begin your own venture, this surely is going to be an added advantage. 

Henceforth, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is the necessity of the modern world and an essential key to unlimited opportunities. 

Types of Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma Certifications are made available at different levels with different inclusions according to the need and the demand of the learners. 

Altogether there are a total of 5 levels which learners have access to choose from according to their career aspects. 

Six Sigma White Belt:

The Six Sigma White Belt is a basic certification associated with the management aspect of the firm. The certification gives the learner a very brief understanding of dealing with changes taking place within their firms and several other local issues that emerge between the employees while actioning a particular task. 

Six Sigma Yellow Belt:

The next level of Six Sigma includes certification in Yellow Belt. This is one level higher than the previous one. It introduces you to the basic aspects of Six Sigma and how to practically imply it in your daily projects. Moreover, you will also receive the gist of problem-solving for any and every project led by your firm. 

Six Sigma Green Belt:

This level of Six Sigma Certification introduces you to advanced analysis on dealing with several problems within the firm. It allows you to understand the complexities of the firm and place it effectively before the employees and the clients.

Six Sigma Black Belt:

Six Sigma Black Belt level is the second-highest certification that offers you the best tactics, understanding aspects, and how to evolve as a leader at your firm. The professionals certified with Black Belt Certification lead the project and distribute the work equally to their team members. In addition to that, they also act on the training aspects to the members of the firm. 

Six Sigma Master Black Belt:

This level of Certification is termed to be the highest certification achieved by the professional. After successful completion of the program, the professional will shape strategies, develop key metrics, serve as a consultant and also train Black and Green belt certification holders. 

What Makes Your Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Worth Enrolling in? 

Understanding and analyzing what a program has to offer you as a learner plays a very vital role in helping you choose your program. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is getting several heads turned and successfully directing several certified professionals towards a globally acclaimed career. 

The very first thing that you need to know about the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is that several prestigious firms are wanting professionals certified with this special program. It easily makes you stand out from the crowd. Your certification anywhere around the globe will be accepted and acclaimed. 

Moreover, it will help you refine your understanding and performance for a lot of firms. Apart from these few above-mentioned benefits, the program has a lot to add to its kitty. Can’t wait to explore those benefits, right? So without any further ado let us just straight explore the program and get a chance to get one to one with every benefit that the program has to offer to their aspiring learners. 

Exploring & Learning in-depth:

One of the biggest advantages of getting certified for the program is, you get to learn in-depth on firm handling and functioning. Throughout the program tenure, you are served with numerous theoretical and practical assignments that help you procure every required information and tactic in brief. In the later run, these theoretical and practical analyses are going to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Therefore, exploring and Learning deeply on every required subject is the key fundamental of the program that you will be availing throughout the course tenure. 

Better Opportunities:

The other benefit that the program brings is opening doors to several opportunities. Well, not only opportunities but global opportunities. The professionals who are certified with Six Sigma Black Belt Certification are highly demanded in the western territories. Even in India, the firms are actively looking for professionals who are successfully certified with not just any random package but some really fascinating ones. 

So you really have a long way to go after investing your time and effort in the program. Eventually, this program helps you to upgrade your knowledge and as we all know better the knowledge, better the opportunity. 

Asset to Your Organization:

When you enroll in the program and get one-to-one with its modules, concepts, and strategies you yourself will know and understand what potential this knowledge can bring to any firm. So definitely when you are well known to every tiny detail of the firm and possibly understand the rough times you will be thrown at you can help the firm get through it better. Eventually, you become an asset to your firm and also a strong point of reliability. 

So when you have so much to offer for your firm they are definitely going to welcome you with open arms. 

You Could Possibly be the Reason for your Company’s Excellency:

The program does no miracle, it just explores and allows you to crash in which is already present but not used. Using this program you will understand how to deliver quality to your firm, how to sustain it in a stronger and better way as compared to your other competitors. Doing so will automatically push you towards getting better every day. Know that the tactics introduced here are tested and tried by several professionals serving at the most renowned positions, so you could definitely march a journey towards reaching your point peak with some crazy but quality understanding of your firm. 

Attractive Salary Packages:

The era we live in is an era of expertise and constant modification. Thus, a professional having expertise in more than one area is always celebrated by the firms. You as Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Professional will help the firm make effective choices, plan strategies, update quality, enhance decision making and constantly keep the other employees motivated and active to perform the tasks of the firms. These are the exact qualities that the firm looks for while appointing a professional to join the firm. So, having these qualities and tactics will help you attract a handsome salary from the firm. Thus, your financial condition will also constantly seek a hike. 

Opportunities to Explore as a Trainer:

If you are someone who has completed the program and has served several firms then it surely means you have a store of information to share and help the new enthusiasts wanting to come up in a similar field. Thus, you can opt to train these aspirants and explore your career as a Trainer. 

These are some benefits that you can avail yourself of after making up your mind to invest your time and effort in the program. But did you know your firm has several benefits of you working with them too? Let us continue to scroll and explore what are those benefits. 

Overall Performance of the Firm is Advanced/Improved:

Recruiting Professionals that are Six Sigma Black Belt Certified affects the company’s process vitally. As the professional is known to numerous effective ways, he/she implements it in the firm which leads to major changes in terms of quality deliverance, internal functioning, and many more. Slowly and gradually these tactics help the firm in growing better. Thus, the overall performance of the firm is improved too. 

The Company is Well Organized and the Wastage Gets Drastically Reduced:

Having a Six Sigma Black Belt Certified professional helps your firm in keeping a close eye on the internal and external functioning. Thus, when the professional is minutely watching every single aspect of your firm it eventually tends to better what’s working and eliminate what’s not working. Especially talking about the product productions, a careful watch by the specialized professional helps to reduce and manage so many aspects of it. 

Benefits Employee Performance:

The methodologies introduced during the program help the firm create the best out of all. The strategies discussed in here allow the professional to effectively deal with every employee-related issue and make them feel confident and secure about their being in the firm. And as employees stay happy your work performance is bound to see some major jump. 

Clients Feel Happy & Confident:

Having a Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Professional on the board makes the clients of your firm feel extremely confident and secured about placing in their investments. Because the methodologies introduced in the program are globally accepted and celebrated. 

Better Performance Leads to Better Customer Satisfaction:

Getting all your work associated together in the most perfect and formulated way leads to quality deliverance of your firm services and as we all know there is no better friend than quality for a potential customer. Thus, these professionals can help achieve customer support. 

The benefits are simply fascinating, aren’t they? This program is sure to open numerous career opportunities and options for the learners who choose to opt for. But are you by any chance worried about the scope of the program? Let me tell you, you don’t really have to. Don’t trust us? Check the below-mentioned piece of information that touches very minutely on every possible scope for the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification program.

  1. For effective functioning of a firm it always chooses professionals who are up to date with every information on their subject of expertise. Thus, as Six Sigma Black Belt Certified professionals, you will always be wanted in the firm as long as you give your best. 
  2. Global opportunities are assumed to get doubled in the coming times ahead. 
  3. Certified professionals serving in India earn around 20+ Lakhs per year. Similarly, several other countries like France, Singapore, UK, Spain, Canada, and many more provide impressive salaries to their employees. 
  4. You will be known for the use of DAMAC Methodologies that will help your firm achieve greater profits. 
  5. Several growth opportunities will be available and you could easily apply for managerial roles in several prestigious firms. 

After going through all these points we guess you pretty much made up your mind and are surely not planning to miss out on the grand career journey that you can head on to write after the program. 

Below mentioned are a few platforms that can offer you effective guidance on the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification program. 

  1. Henry Harvin Education
  2. American Society For Quality
  3. International Six Sigma Institute
  4. Lean Six Sigma Institute ( LSSI ) 
  5. Villanova University
  6. Grey Campus

Final Words

Staying updated with what the world requires and wants is the most celebrated way to stay focused and exposed to several opportunities. Learning never stops for someone who is constantly wanting to do better. 

But always remember when beginning anything new it is always better to be guided and supervised by someone who already has enough knowledge about that. Check for what you need and desire and accordingly choose the institution you would want to be guided from. 

Let learning never stop. We hope this article helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or questions please feel free to voice them using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Thank you. 

Happy Reading! Happy Learning!

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