How to Choose a College Admission Counsellor?

When it comes to studying in top-tier colleges in the United States, there’s always a good and a bad side. 

The good side is that more students are being enrolled in colleges than ever before. However, the bad side is that the competition has gone to the next level, making it even more troublesome for the candidates to get into top colleges!  

On the odds that you are someone who has high hopes to get into the college that you have always desired, then you already know that this is something that isn’t going to come the easy way – that’s where having an exceptional college counselor comes in handy! 

An independent college admissions counselor comprises the ability to supplement the support you receive at your school level by offering in-depth, personalized guidance about everything that you need to be aware of before applying to the college. 

Choosing the right college admission counselor can prove to be a daunting task – that’s why our experts are narrowing down this guide to help you find legitimate and top-notch counseling services. 

With that being said, a criterion for choosing the best college admission counselor is being provided below! 

How to Choose a College Admission Counsellor


How to Choose a College Admission Counsellor?

1. Range of Services the counselor provides:

 First thing first, while applying to college, an individual should acknowledge the fact that the college admission process comes in handy with dozens of moving parts, for which you need to have the best college admissions counselor near you who can provide his immense support in a variety of areas that aren’t limited too but includes: 

  • Researching and narrowing down the best suitable college options for you. 
  • Enrich you with a premium admission strategy as to where and when to apply for the college. 
  • Help you out with his experience filling up the application form and reviewing your entry-level essay
  • The counselor should be able to build your solid and undeniable academic and extracurricular profile
  • On the odds that you are applying to a college that happens to be expensive, then your counselor should be able to guide you about how you can avail of the financial aid services. 
  • Your chosen counselor should be able to explain everything that comes along with the procedure of college admissions. 

As stated above, there would surely be dozens of other services that your chosen college admission counselor should be able to provide. However, these are the basic principles that you need to look into while selecting the best college admission counselor for yourself. 

2. Personal Guidance: 

You must be aware of a wide range of college names present around your area or in the state you live in. Ever wondered why there was a need to make so many colleges? 

The answer to this question is super simple. Just like not all five fingers present on our hands aren’t equal. Similarly, students aren’t similar as well – that’s why a bunch of colleges are there for students of every caliber. 

How is this linked with getting a counselor for college admissions? We are coming to this fact right away! 

The counselor you select for yourself should be able to provide you with personal guidance and should choose a college that fulfills the eligibility criteria for your application. A counselor that only steers student applications towards the Ivy League or only to the flagship university simply doesn’t do justice with the students. 

Opting for MBA admissions consulting gives an edge to your university life making it easier for you to get admission in your desired college and get through the hectic admission procedure.

3. Running a background check over the counselor:

College admissions is a big step for every individual; hence the last thing you will ever want is for things to go upside down – and that’s one reason you are hiring your college admission counselor. 

However, before hiring one, you should be on the lookout for the credentials of your counselor and how much real-world experience he has. There’s a big chance that the people who may approach you would have worked in college admission offices or have provided counseling services at the high school level. 

In order to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future, our experts prefer that you should pay attention to their degrees in counseling and higher education. Certification from an accredited counseling program would surely be a plus! 

Moreover, private college counselors often brag about their client’s acceptance rate over their websites. Try flooding your counselor with questions like how many of their students manage to get into a top-tier college or what former clients have to say about the counselor. 

This way, you would be able to come up with a decision whether the counselor is a good fit for you or not? If you are comfortable with his answers, then it’s undoubtedly a green light for you!

4. How accessible is your counselor?

You should be aware of the fact that counselors don’t come cheap. You might have to spend a handful of dollars to avail of their services – hence you have all rights to know-how accessible your college admission counselor would be. 

Try asking the counselor about his preferred counseling medium: online or in-person? Ask your counselor if he’s okay if you call him in between meetings for quick questions? 

Applying to college can be super overwhelming, and it might push you into a state of fear, depression, and anxiety. Having someone around you who would text or call away and would always be in your corner uplifts your morale and boosts a sense of encouragement within yourself. 

With that being said, try having a counselor that promises maximum accessibility to you! 

5. Hiring from a large consulting firm or a self-employed consultant? 

Last but not least, here comes the central part of the course, “whether one should hire a consultant that a private consulting firm refers, or one should go with a self-employed consultant. 

Just like every other thing, both of these have their pros and cons. Talking about the large consulting firms first, the advantage you may receive here is that a large firm comprises more resources and a qualified network of consultants that can provide you with top-notch services. However, the drawback of large firms is that they expect consultants to take on a heavy workload, which might lead the consultant to a burnout rate – for which he won’t be able to provide you with his best services. 

Going with a self-employed consultant proves to be a favorable option, as he wouldn’t have any pressure on his back to provide his firms with clients and might be able to give quality service to you. However, while hiring a self-employed consultant, it becomes troublesome for a person to run a background check on the counselor and anticipate his services. 

You need to go with an option that suits best with your preference! 

Final Word  

There’s a good reason behind exploring the consulting landscape with a profound dose of skepticism. The purpose behind putting up this guide was to educate you to find legitimate and high-quality college admission counseling services. 

Your steps towards your college life should be glorious, not scandalous. – for which we believe that the guide above might come in handy for you to select the best college admission counselor for your ward. 

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Get a college admission counselor for yourself now!  

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