How to Become an Expert Writer? A Comprehensive Guide

Oh wow, what is written, this is mindblowing, these words are like magic, it looks like a live picture is going on in front of my eyes, all right.

Well, do you know? These are the magic words created by whom? Well, they are the writers. means, you may know the names of famous writers like Philip Roth, Stephen King, Arundhati Roy, Chetan Bhagat, Ruskin Bond, Javed Akhtar.

But people often have the opinion that what does the writer mean, career option? Do you get anything here or does something happen here?

This means, they will appreciate it, but when it comes to making it a career option, many people start misguiding us.

Well, if we talk about some famous writers, then their success is hidden in their writing. And their struggle and success inspire us to do something creative and innovative.

So in this way, if you also want to make your name in writing like great and successful writers?

That is, if you also want to become a writer, and want to bring your writing skills and passion in front of the world, then today’s blog is going to be very helpful for you.

Because today we have brought you complete information related to becoming a writer. After reading this, you will understand in which direction should you proceed to become a writer?

And the people who are demotivating you about this field, about this career option, I will say that you should not argue with them, rather, read this blog completely and get ready to take your next action.

So let’s start and know what you need to do to become a writer?

How to become an expert writer

There is no such age or degree of obligation to be a writer. Because writing is a real art, which you can express at any time.

But if you want to choose writing as your career, then you can follow this process, in which firstly you should complete your school education.

If you think that to become a writer, you just have to sit between books with paper and pen or laptop and there is no need to go to school and complete studies, it is not so.

To become a writer, first of all, all you need to do is to complete school education with good marks. And especially in the language in which you want to become a writer.

Because it is very important to get a grip of that language and that is why we usually talk about school education here.

So here you will get to know how to and where to use the words? how to make a statement? and the most important thing is Grammar. So schooling will help you a lot with all these things.

And further identifying your interest, which means that after doing 10+2, It is very important to know in which direction do you have to move to become a writer?

Because the writing field is very large. In such a situation, you should know which thing you love to write more comfortably and interestingly.

In such a question, ask yourself, whether you want to become a novelist, poet, screenwriter, or web writer? After understanding your interest, you will be able to decide what kind of writer you want to be?

Only after knowing this, you will be able to move towards the right education, training, and career options related to it. And as far as today’s time is concerned, today there are many options.

You can do writing for even Ads, you can rewrite articles, you can do writing on radio, TV, and many mediums as well for the internet.

Further, now let’s talk about writing education, which means, After recognizing your interest, now it is time to take the right education in writing to become a writer.

What is the Right Education to Become a Writer?

For this, you can do graduation in Journalism, i.e BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication).

If you want, you can also take a master’s degree in journalism after graduation, I.e MJMC (Master of Journalism and Mass Communication).

By studying journalism, you will be able to improve your writing skills and you will also get the necessary information related to media.

While the degrees of BJMC and MJMC will be helpful in getting a good job but remember that you will get a good job in the writing field only on the basis of your good writing skills.

So in addition to graduation and post-graduation in journalism, you can also do an MA. For MA, you can choose creative writing or professional writing subject.

Apart from this, even if you do an MA in literature, then your writing skills will be better.

If you want, you can also do a Ph.D. after post-graduation, which can take 4 to 6 years to complete. After which you will be able to teach subjects related to writing in college as a teacher.

Now let’s go ahead and talk about some of the best institutes and universities for doing courses related to journalism in India and Canada.

Top Institute for Journalism in India

  • Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune.
  • Lady Shri ram College for Women, New Delhi.
  • School of Communication, Manipal.
  • Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, New Delhi.

Apart from these colleges, many universities in India also conduct courses related to journalism. Therefore, you can easily apply for this course at the nearest college.

Top Universities for Journalism in Canada

  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
  • Western University, London.
  • Laval University, Quebec City.
  • University of Ottawa, Ottawa.
  • Dalhousie University, Halifax.
  • Carleton University, Ottawa.
  • University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown.

You can also do a certificate or diploma course in creative writing, In which you will be able to learn the fine detail of fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature, young adult literature, poetry, and scriptwriting skills.

Apart from this, you can also do courses related to content writing based on your interest. You can also complete these courses with distance learning.

But it would be better to learn and understand the courses related to writing better by going regularly to college or institute to learn the writing skills from a subject expert.

Internship to Become a Writer

Further, now let’s talk about internships. After completing education, it comes to the internship, for this you can learn to work as an intern in a media house.

You can even go to a newspaper or magazine office, or you can also connect with a corporate company.

And if we talk about electronic media, then you can go to any private FM channel or any news channel and can do an internship there.

By doing an internship, you will be able to see the knowledge of your skill in writing the book by meeting the real world.

During the internship, you will get an understanding of how a company works and you will also get many opportunities to write some creatives.

Doing an internship in this way will not only increase your writing skills, along with that, you will also be able to handle the difficult situations that come during the job, which will prove to be very beneficial for you later.

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Choosing The Best Job as a Writer?

The working pattern of the writing field is slightly different from all other fields. There are no fixed job criteria in this field, everything depends on your interest and creativity.

That is, getting a job in your favorite field will be based on your writing skills to a great extent, and your educational degree can prove to be a little helpful in it.

It is your choice whether you want a full-time writer job in a fashion magazine or health magazine, Or want to write news and stories in a newspaper.

But if you do not want to work by sitting in an office, then you can also work online for websites and blogs as a freelance content writer.

Meaning you do not need to go to the office, according to your own time you can manage work from home.

Not only this, on the basis of your good writing skills, you can also start your own website or blog and also make your own content writing company.

But if you intend to write a Novel or Poetry, so for this, keeping in mind your creative writing and market demand, you have to prepare a novel or poetry collection and it has to be published.

Apart from this, if you want an educator job in college, then you should have a Ph.D. degree in Mass Communication. 

What is the Average Pay for a Writer?

So now let’s talk about salary which is very important. So this completely depends on your writing and on what kind of media house or company you work for.

But still, you can say that in the beginning, you can earn 15,000 – 20,000₹ every month. And beyond this, your talent can reach you up to millions. That is why it is very important to choose the right job option.

Along with taking practical knowledge like education and internship, you also have to take care of some other things, so that you can become a good and successful writer very soon.

How to Become a Writer? Wrap Up

You have to maintain the reading habit daily. For writing a good poet, novel, or blog, one should have to read many good books.

That is, if you want to be a good writer, then you have to develop a compulsory reading habit. For this, make a habit of reading good books daily.

By doing this, your thinking and writing skills will become much better.

And the second thing is to practice. No art can be defined until it is prepared and presented in front of it. The same happens with writing, so the moment you think you want to become a writer, start writing from that moment.

Write in your diary, write in the yearbook of the school college, and if possible, participate in the competitions related to writing and write in them.

Because to increase and improve your writing skills, it is very important to keep writing and to express yourself through words.

By doing this, you will be able to choose the right writing option for yourself easily. Along with this, you should also create commands on your language, which must also include the English language along with your native language.

Talking about today’s time, be technology-friendly. This means that to be successful in today’s time, it is very important to be technology-friendly.

And with the changing scenario of the writing field, the trend of online work has increased very fast, So along with improving writing skills, you should be techno-friendly.

So that you can easily work online on the computer and can take maximum work.

And the last one is required in every field, that is patience. If you look at it as a career, the writing field also looks very challenging.

In this, you will have to keep checking your skills in a short time, you will have to be updated and always keep learning something new.

Sometimes it can happen that you do not have a perfect job or opportunity but you have to avoid being hopeless.

This can happen especially in the situation when you are working on a novel or poetry and you are not getting any publisher.

In such a situation, Your patience will give you courage and it will take you to your preferred position in the field of writing.

That is do not panic with struggle and continue to step forward in the path of being a successful writer without bowing and without stopping.

So friends with this, I hope that you must have liked this blog and become easier for you to understand the necessary information related to becoming a writer.

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