Top Required Skills Needed to be a Fashion Designer in India

Fashion is the constant search for new. It is hungry, it is ruthless. It is a form of art that involves exploiting design, aesthetics, clothing, etc, and applying it in reality.

Personal Qualities Required for a Fashion Designer

  • a strong sense of fashion.
  • a good eye for color, pattern, shape, and detail.
  • accurate and careful work habits.
  • the ability to make sound judgments.
  • the ability to compromise in order to create the textile designs their customers want or to meet manufacturers’ requirements.
  • the ability to be observant when working alongside weaving tuners.

be a fashion designer

Fashion Designers Need to Have

Creative Ability and Sound Drawing and Design Skills:

The first and most important skill is having the creative ability, that is the ability to present and express oneself freely. It aims at acquiring new ways of being original. Also, the other aspect then becomes to use these skills to represent this creativeness where it becomes manual to develop one’s hand sketching and drawing for illustrating.

Skills in Design Creation on Computers:

Acquiring computer-aided designing skills help in faster decision-making, accelerating the development of design and reducing the time spent on making every detail manually through sketching or other means. This helps in developing quicker communication skills and also learning newer techniques. With digital drawing and sketching being on the rise, designing has become easier than ever. Programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and some other 3d tools can be used to illustrate designs.

Problem Solving Skills:

Developing problem-solving skills involves both the usage of logic as well as imagination to cater to the needs of increased adaptability, calculation, performance, and innovation. These are salient features that are required to be applied to the reality of the fashion world which is super dynamic and universal.

Design Brief Interpretation Skills:

Another crucial aspect is to be able to understand the client’s perspective and redefine the design brief in accordance with it which is the stepping stone for good design deliverables.

Good Communication Skills:

One must know how to communicate their ideas with keeping their clients in mind, as well as granting their creativity to prosper at the same time which is a tricky thing to acquire but must be learned sooner than later.

Market Research Skills to Work Out the Demands Of the Fabric and Textile Market:

Fashion merchandising is the strategic plan development by proposing the right product to the right market which involves extensive research and organizing skills. It is an essential feature for becoming a fashion designer.

Team Skills and the Ability to Give and take Instructions:

No design can happen in isolation without the effort of group work which is why team skills and leadership role-taking can benefit a fashion designer in providing the best design services.

An Ability to Work to Deadlines:

Fashion Business involves working timely and efficiently while keeping the deadlines in mind and hence procuring timely management skills.

To be Familiar With Computer-aided Design and Marking:

With the ever-changing trends, it is more important to use digital devices to their full optimum and learn all possible computer-based techniques to strengthen your fashion design process.

Basic word processing and data entry skills are also useful.

Hence it becomes essential for a student to undertake a fashion design course to not only attain these in numerous skills but to also master them. There are a lot of institutes in India providing fashion design courses to students. The Design Village is the best institute for a fashion design course in Noida which helps in attaining not only the skills but also building up a fashion student from scratch. It is an institute offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fashion.

Fashion design as a course at The Design Village, Noida not only familiarises the students by teaching them the requisite skills but rather promotes self-awareness through fashion. A student unlike other fashion courses not only learns the basics of fashion such as garment construction, weaving techniques, drafting, draping, etc but rather is promoted to search the self within the field of fashion. By going through a rigorous process of unlearning and learning their ‘self”, one gets accustomed to finding their own unique style and voice through fashion. It does not just teach fashion as a skill-based craft but as a means of communication rather place and voice their stand in the world. The four-year module proffers an engaging experience, to get into the groove of possibilities but also become aware of connotations with the term ‘fashion’. Apart from learning fashion, the students are prodded to understand their identity and apply themselves in the world. The courses are finely designed for them not just to limit themselves to the skills of fashion but to move into a space where they can use their design knowledge to communicate to clients successfully, develop problem-solving skills, market research, and team skills. It focuses on promoting their creative thinking and design ability to such a level where they become well adaptive and full rounded individuals.

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